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As promised more on pissy pants Charles K Maddox aka MadDog and his long court history in South Carolina…

I’ve provided a link below to the county court house in S Carolina, but as you click that link you will come upon this dark map. You want to click on the part that says Aiken, that will then take you to his part of the State. Type his name…Charles K Maddox or Charles Maddox in the boxes ,and away you go.

I placed this link up so there could be no denying that this was real and not photoshopped as I’m sure some would like you to believe.

His long messy court issues began in 97/98 right up to 2012, where he was sued numerous times. He’s had criminal charges brought up against him a DUI, along with speeding and drinking beer with an open container marking his drunken track record. At the end of the day he’s simply a fat drunk behind a wheel.

CIVIL COURT…A Summons and Complaint are legal documents that start a legal action. A Summons lets the individual know that he/she needs to answer the Complaint. A Complaint explains what happened or why the person is suing.

Family Court

Family Court

Forfeiture/ Criminal Traffic..01/21/1993...0660. OPEN CONTAINER.

Criminal Traffic..01/18/2011….2101…Speeding 52/35.

DUI Forfeiture Criminal Traffic.03/14/2003.

Forfeiture Criminal Traffic…0607… OPEN CONTAINER OF BEER…03/14/2003..

More from the two cows dUmb and DumbbeR, but this time it’s tough guy with a hand gun “Charles”, who has a need to ‘skull fuck’ Rodney….How romantic.

Seriously can’t make this shit up. I honestly believe since being doxed Charles aka Skullfckery is slowly becoming senile, losing all sense of reality slipping into madness. Charles try stepping away from the net and try getting yourself an actual life, you’re not right in the head..LOL… Well hold on this is the same FOOL who has a sexual desire for Jessica, so that speaks volumes of his character right there.

All credit to Rod for the grab.

Some of you may recall as I had doxed Charles K Maddox aka MAdDog, I had discovered a possible link involving Charles and the South Carolina Courts system?…. Soon real soon!


I’m uncertain what was taking place during this conversation in chat, but it would appear Charles pissy pants has a racist streak just like his twin dummy relative Jessica the living mutant. It must run in the family as a result of inbreeding and mutated genes.

Assuming Roco took the screen grab, hence why Charles the Hut decided to lash out with ” Roco you suck”.

I had no idea the ol fart Roco was still alive!

So in other words we have two racist bickering with one another in chat rooms! Ohh joy LOL

My thoughts…..The more I witness of Charles aka MadDog, the more I’m truly convinced that both he and Jessica were spawned from the same family gene pool. Let’s hope the two beasts never breed spawning more mutants such as themselves

~dUMb aNd DuMBBeR~

So after being ignored by Jessica on her recent VL stream, Charles has a fatty hissy fit and storms off.

No one cared enough to inform Charles of what Jessica was doing behind his thick blubberous back, and man he was furious!

~Maddy please take notice of me~

After that drama Charles now takes up to begging for Maddy’s attention… Do you recall the heinous lies Charles has said about Maddy for months only to now suck up to the woman he’s disrespected?

Seriously Charles you keep making yourself look sad and pathetic. But we know you can’t help yourself ..LOL

Jessica so what’s your thoughts on your cow now schmoozing with Maddy?

The slobbering obese pile of dung, better known as Charles K Maddox, has decided he can no longer bear the pissy heat since being DOXED. And he’s decided to waddle away in fear.

So his slow witted concubine pet donkey, Jessica informs all of her soft man’s weak decision ….Thank you Jessica, you’re a fool till the bitter end. Farewell ScaredDog it was nice doxing your pissy cowardly sloppy ass. Now you can thrive on KICK with the teenagers, and young children along with Jessica!

Funny it was totally acceptable to DOX our lil Mob, but now the FEAR has gripped Charles that he’s too pissless to stick around!….Simply glorious.

Ha! Even your guns can’t save you Charles!

~Jessica responds to molesting~

InspectorMoorse“It was an interesting night in LikLik’s room, A guest was very angry when liklik was playing the video of Jessica printing off his dox. all night long this guest loved the topic of molestation with that and we know how stupid Jessica can be I addressed that guest by calling them Jessica with that she did not think and being the dumb cunt that she is responded as being Jessica and fell out of troll VPN mode ha”

Tanks to those for the images used here.