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Our most beloved VL drunks Karen, IrishSpring and David313 having their say on separate casts…

Hold on an someone git me a drink LOL.. I’m parched.

We have horny scarin drunken Karen babbling an verbally smashing BostonChickie… IrishSpring as well as Faroe. Then we have the tormented drunken wrath of Montreal Karen and her beloved romantic drama with 313 where she admits she pursued him romantically 6/7 years ago…..Oh la laaaaa bb. This is gold.

Who knew peeing in a can could have this affect on drunk women ?

Tanks for all the videos

~IrishSprings is traumatized over vagina on VL~

Irish Spring has become traumatized and upset over a Howard Stern video played by Liklik she then screencaps the offending vagina, however she then SPAMS the images in her own chat meanwhile she claims people viewing the VL site would have been traumatized over the mere sight of a vagina from a Youtube video… SAY WHAT ?????

She actually states seeing this Youtube image “FUCKED HER UP”..

Tanks for the videos

Now I’m not condoning nudity on the VL site but c’mon this is pretty silly.

It certainly has been a week of Karen’s…. What will next week bring I wonder ?

Last night Irishsprings broke up with her boyfriend only to then take a drill and hammer to her laptop. She smashed and drilled that poor sucker to pieces.

I suppose no one ever took the time to explain the over complicated procedure of deleting files ?


Irish spring argues with her boy friend waking him up early in the morning.

This is what may have caused the entire thing to begin with.

Thanks for the video.

For some strange reason this hunk of burning love Crabz has ongoing drama with various female streamers. It might be due to the fact he’s so far down the simp hole his own hand refuses to have sex with him.

Every chat he goes he feels the need to dominate that chat with becoming a mod then forcing his rules on others. Isn’t enough he dictates to others his rules and his ideas should be respected in his chat but the moment he mods in another chat he then decides to take over that chat as his own.

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A blast from the past July 20th 2021

I cant’ keep up with the on and off friendships some of these folks run through, you may recall Crabz not only slamming Irish but doxed her with screen grabs…July 20th 2021.


I do enjoy how Crabz buys these female casters but then has expectations of receiving sexual favors in return…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Wise men say ?

Months ago he sang this song for Paradice, I wonder when he’s going to actually become wise himself ?

No worries Raphael my 87yr old transgender grandfather’s going to send you his nudes to place a smile on your face….for love <3...kissy kissy.