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Jessica was seen floating around the most naughty of places just the other day, in fact it was at this drug infested sewer of low lives that she was last spotted.

~Naughty Jessica fitting in with the trash~

Normally if it was anyone else I wouldn’t say anything but it’s Jessica once again making a terrible decision to gather around a cluster fuck of completes imbeciles. You think after the poor decisions regarding Adumb Jessica would have leaned not to associate with the likes of this lot ?

~As a side note if you wish to fit from Mandy~

Make sure you make as many sexual comments as possible towards the males in chat, after all it makes even the smallest person feel complete and wanted. This way if any unwanted comments are directed towards you the white knights of the chat will protect you as though you are their ho and sex play thing.

~But don’t forget most importantly show your tits… (o ) ( 0 )..~

Be flirtatious pretend you don’t care play as much as possible and make sure you have a sugar daddy by your side at all times.

Thanks to all for the eyes ears and mouth on this….

Savin a ho

Wise monkey once said…..”When lower beings invoke my name it shall never go well for them.So in other words STFU.

Back to Ezcapechat as once again Mandy and her simple minded pimp friend Bobby Fresh present some humorous content for our amusement.

~The Pimp who tries to hide~

Mandy’s geriatric pimp Bobby Fresh deicides he’s to have a regular weekday cast he suddenly realizes a “guest” is watching him so feeling vulnerable he decides he’s going to try an hide by changing the positioning of the camera then by turning off the lights. Thing is this retard moron of the highest disorder is on his own cast, what a dipshit. I can see you moron LOL.

A link to his weekday cast. Tell him I said ‘hi’ and watch him explode.

~You need sum freshness ? says the idiot pimp to the ho~

More on these 2, pretty self explanatory but I’ll let you decide.

~The senior denies the fucktard and hushes her~

In this clip Mandy is seen explaining things by typing to Bobby Fresh(her pimp), she speaks but he only types due to his wife being near bye and possibly hearing a conversation not meant for her ears..

We’ve recently discovered Mae on EzeSHITchat and along with that we have another top quality Ivlog caster who has switched over to the site… Mandy. You may recall the self absorbed condescending purple haired streamer who would snicker and sneer pretending she had so many other better things to do her time. Well here she is in all her puffy painted pretentious glory.

Mandy is now going by the name NumNum (ComfortablyNumb). She now LIVES a non nonexistent life on EzeSHITchat from 8 to 12 hours a day smoking her daily dosage of weed along with all of the other online discarded matter that frequent the site, she continues to look OHHHH so distant shallow and demure not a glimmer of thought in her blank eyes.

~Feeding a baby online wtf were you thinking dipshit DumDum~

Bottle feeding a new born baby on a site such as this was something to behold it’s as if her IDIOT BRAIN WAS BEING FUCKED BY STUPID. Seriously who would subject a child to this online menial filth ? Unsure what’s worse the online prostitutes.. pedophiles…junkies or trash, you decide but dipshit Mandy DumDum fits right at home with a baby.

As you can clearly see Mandy DumDum is not the brightest pile of painted blue pretentious slop, she’s made this her site and has decided to place this innocent baby among it’s local riffraff. Great life choices DumDum.


Next I’ll be bringing you more on her NEW old sugar daddy pimp who goes by the name Bobby Fresh. We’re going to get dirty on this one so don’t miss out on the ‘Pimp and his Ho‘…. But that’s for next time.

~Bobby Fresh Mandy’s sugar daddy old man pimp~