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This is pretty much a patch post of various stories since Jan 2023 that I’ve assembled, to some of you it may prove entertaining ? We have Menellie… Positive Vibe along with Rick Berry all have certain traits in common.

What’s even more interesting is that all 3 streamers are now absent from Vaughn live casting site.

~PositiveVibe..Details on touching another streamers children. Police were called~

You mat recall Tony Bond aka Positive Vibe who just several months ago was holding a knife to his throat while casting on Vaughn live.

He’s had another streamer from Ivlog going by the name Shaz_UK, she claims he inappropriately touched her children while visiting her and her family. She had the police called upon him. No idea on how the investigation went.

~Rick Berry shits himself while on a call!~

You may recall Rick Berry who’s husband sits in a Birmingham prison for inappropriately touching a friends autistic child in a bath tub.

Rick Berry leaves Youtube all credit to Silly Central for the video.

All credit to Inspetcormoorse who delivered the videos and content.