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This was sent in Nov but I had it on hold due to the other posts. Besides I don’t really believe anyone cares about this guy to begin with as being blog worthy.

You may recall Positivevibe when he held a knife to his throat…(the only exciting thing this guys ever done). Well here he is upset over the fact he was doxed on VL by his online friend. You may recall it was shortly thereafter that police showed up and carried this drunk away to rehab.

Sent in an email…

“Positive Vibe, aka Tony bond, gave out his personal home address while having a close friendship with Lynn Grogan aka Ruby Who is Christopher whiles GF also allowed a close friendship with Christopher and her child even after conviction, The night Tony placed a knife to his throat in retaliation she used that chance to DOX him in chat. which resulted in everyone having his address, Good friends call an ambulance not dox you but she denied it to this day till Chris randomly called Chris during his stream on Vaughn and listen close he confirms she did it case closed.”

Hey Tony Vibe guy if you really wish to be blog worthy and seek attention next time try shoving a wooden broom stick up your ass. Not making any promises here but you may get the attention you so desperately seek.

Minutes after placing up the post another video was sent in..Thank you

~Tony the cannibal, he may eat you~

This guy really does have a few screws loose, so beware he may cut you up into tiny pieces before eating you. What a clown lol. ಠ︵ಠ凸 Can’t make this shit up.

I wanted to thank all of those who sent in videos, but instead I decided to just make a simple post with several images. I won’t get too detailed on the nights events, but Tony wasn’t doing too well and those who were concerned for his safety called the police which arrived and took him to a medical clinic or hospital.

I suspect he’s now receiving the help he so desperately needed by those who can take care of him and help him.

I was emailed by those of you informing me that you flagged his channel down but there seemed to be no response from anyone on the Vaughn live site.

~Being trolled by cotton~

An email sent in that reads……..

“Rick Berry aka Nellie MPstyles, John Nesbit, Kelzy, Simon, Flanders, and Tony Bonds ..friend rings the police on 999 this NUMBER IS a very serious emergency line in the UK for serious crimes rick rings them and wasting police time he continues in preventing a serious emergency for other people but rick to complains he keeps getting parcels to his door which have ” Tampons ” in the box!”

Thanks for the vid

~I do like you do you want some cawk ?~

More on Rick Berry and his sweet puddin cup Positivevibe as they have a private discord call where cawk and sex are the topic… Ohh la laaaaa

Rick you naughty lil fruit fly you.

Thanks for the vid

~Tony’s tiny cawk~

The discord chat goes from washing machines to oral sex as Rick Berry literally begs to suck on Tony’s (Positivibe) wee wee…Yeah you’ll see.

These drunk clowns are a class act and they wonder why they make such great online targets ?

Thanks for the videos used here.

~Menellie naked on discord~

From a secret stash lol…… ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶

This vids all over the charts in contradictions and just old fashioned stupid, we have a streamer going by the name “Positivevibe” handing out death wishes upon guests. Not very positive I’d say what makes it even goofier is the fact he claims he doesn’t like bully’s and therefore feels entitled and justified to speak this way.

You may recall this streamer last week orally pleasing his male companion while on cam ? Yup that’s him.

He has the makings of a class champ streamer complete with shit for brains and a moist sucking mouth. Keep doing what you do dear.