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This is pretty much a patch post of various stories since Jan 2023 that I’ve assembled, to some of you it may prove entertaining ? We have Menellie… Positive Vibe along with Rick Berry all have certain traits in common.

What’s even more interesting is that all 3 streamers are now absent from Vaughn live casting site.

~PositiveVibe..Details on touching another streamers children. Police were called~

You mat recall Tony Bond aka Positive Vibe who just several months ago was holding a knife to his throat while casting on Vaughn live.

He’s had another streamer from Ivlog going by the name Shaz_UK, she claims he inappropriately touched her children while visiting her and her family. She had the police called upon him. No idea on how the investigation went.

~Rick Berry shits himself while on a call!~

You may recall Rick Berry who’s husband sits in a Birmingham prison for inappropriately touching a friends autistic child in a bath tub.

Rick Berry leaves Youtube all credit to Silly Central for the video.

All credit to Inspetcormoorse who delivered the videos and content.

In an email that reads……

“I was so pleased to realize Nellie has broken his mixing desk! $1000 down the loo where his head should be also, You had one job and you failed at that you baldy nonzey chops Here is it falling down the back of the table along with it drenched in wine hahahahaha it could not have happened to a more bigger ASSHOLE Glasgow ghoul like YOU! “

~Nellie the drunken idiot~

~Who stole Rick Berry’s garden ?~

Seriously how does one steal another’s garden ?

You may recall Rick Berry the scum bag goof who’s husband now spends time in a Birmingham prison for sexually assaulting autistic children. Well it would appear that there are others who haven’t forgotten and they have Rick’s number.. and his garden.

Seriously can’t make this shit up……. These two idiots are a comedy team.

Surely this first class fool Rick Berry must have realized that he’s being scrutinized and exposed at every turn.. Is there no one telling this ass clown to stfu ?

How does he manage to live with himself and do the creeps and scum that surround him live with the same questionable life style as he does ?

How much more is it going to take before some form of action is taken ?

~Rick’s friend Phil does not care if Rick has viewed child porn,,, And more..~

~Rick Productions – The Victim Blamer and The Confession. Rick Berry Butler ~

Thanks for those who sent in the vids and a special thanks to those Youtubers that created the content for us to view..

Rick Berry the paranoid creep who would rather have sex with a doggy is now about to burst as he has now been SWATTED, and claims he’s lost his mind.

I think he means business.

Gone are the days when tampons were being delivered right to his front door. Poor Rick, care for a tampon dear ?

Everything about this creep is wrong and vile. However I must say I don’t support swatting as it takes away from real emergencies and places innocent folks in harms way.

All credit to Tiktok man for the vid.