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An email that came in several days ago that read…….

This nasty guy by the name of L00kis spews hate to all in the room and then later admits to beating his ex gf who went by the name of Pink Panda. Ivlog should ban him asap.

And boy he’s one angry fella……Thanks for the video.

We’ve recently discovered Mae on EzeSHITchat and along with that we have another top quality Ivlog caster who has switched over to the site… Mandy. You may recall the self absorbed condescending purple haired streamer who would snicker and sneer pretending she had so many other better things to do her time. Well here she is in all her puffy painted pretentious glory.

Mandy is now going by the name NumNum (ComfortablyNumb). She now LIVES a non nonexistent life on EzeSHITchat from 8 to 12 hours a day smoking her daily dosage of weed along with all of the other online discarded matter that frequent the site, she continues to look OHHHH so distant shallow and demure not a glimmer of thought in her blank eyes.

~Feeding a baby online wtf were you thinking dipshit DumDum~

Bottle feeding a new born baby on a site such as this was something to behold it’s as if her IDIOT BRAIN WAS BEING FUCKED BY STUPID. Seriously who would subject a child to this online menial filth ? Unsure what’s worse the online prostitutes.. pedophiles…junkies or trash, you decide but dipshit Mandy DumDum fits right at home with a baby.

As you can clearly see Mandy DumDum is not the brightest pile of panted blue pretentious slop, she’s made this her site and has decided to place this innocent baby among it’s local riffraff. Great life choices DumDum.


Next I’ll be bringing you more on her NEW old sugar daddy pimp who goes by the name Bobby Fresh. We’re going to get dirty on this one so don’t miss out on the ‘Pimp and his Ho‘…. But that’s for next time.

~Bobby Fresh Mandy’s sugar daddy old man pimp~

Last night Irishsprings broke up with her boyfriend only to then take a drill and hammer to her laptop. She smashed and drilled that poor sucker to pieces.

I suppose no one ever took the time to explain the over complicated procedure of deleting files ?


Irish spring argues with her boy friend waking him up early in the morning.

This is what may have caused the entire thing to begin with.

Thanks for the video.