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Submitted from Sat June 28th, all credit to Foxman.

Back in Nov 2020 you may recall the post “Friday Night Battle Royal” .Well this is another video pretty much featuring the same type of events.

The LINK to the previous post is down below.

This is what happens when people on a call walk away to argue with family members forgetting to mute themselves. Others on that call can then record and hence a shit show for the entire world to witness.

Lord seems Ivlog’s piss pool of cartoon characters and ding dongs keeps growing, here we have yet another poor broken lost soul seeking online attention. So let me just say you earned this buttercup hope you like.

A number of different motives for drinking alcohol have been examined, including drinking to enhance sociability, to increase power, to escape problems, to get drunk, for enjoyment, or for ritualistic reasons.

Without some help this guys setting himself to be a future Warren or Foxman. Could there be hope for him to change ?

He should invest in some extra long nylon nails and coloring his hair some outrageous frooty color, now that would be something for the records.

Ahh yes my dear welcome home <3.

Stuff, stuff and more stuff sent in. Thank you to those who sent any stuff in.

Keith expresses support for Israel in a random rage insult
Adumb calls Sam at home ?
Crabz is unmodded and banned, sure why not.
Angie’s brain hurts.
Big ol jelly belly from Adumb the sex offender
Do you like picking up SHIT ?
How wide is your hole ?
Jessica cleaning her ears and rubbing the wax off ?
Moonboots on VL, can you spread your legs any wider ?


TWITCH has made a move with the hustling pool models by giving them their own category. $$$$$$$$$

His first few words at 0:37 is ..

“it’s intent is to be spicy, it’s intent is to extract money out of thirsty 15 yr olds” .

Standing my ground with the risk of being “old fashioned” or even “a prude”.. I still ponder what normal human being could go to such lengths to gain online attention. Oh well it’s 2021 so there, a sign of the times perhaps ?

Actually I can’t help but feel the bar has been lowered. Thanks to those who have kept me updated.


For possibly over a year now TWITCH has become a hot bed for young females casting with little on besides a few strings of bikini here and there.

Sitting in a inflatable blow up pools these young tarts can be seen splashing around and are often parading themselves out for cash or online favors from wealthy sugar daddies.

Most are advertising pornographic careers or simply trying to break into the business of nude modeling. Just do a GOOGLE search for yourself, I’ve found a plethora of online images and videos that would make any parent cringe.

Let’s not forget TWITCH is a gaming platform that has minors on it as young as 14, selling sexuality and nudity isn’t what the site was meant for.

Epic Backfire! Hot Tub Meta Is OVER! Twitch DEMONITIZES Largest Female Streamer Amouranth

If these tits an pussy queens wanted to expose themselves so provocatively then perhaps they should stick to CAM4 or Chaturbate and allow the younger groups to game on TWITCH without the sexuality being thrown at them.

What ever happened to the days when people had real jobs and worked for a dollar ?