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Plump Patty poopy the pedo hunter has her pedo pussy posse pissed on purposely for pleasure… ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐.

This latest video of the so called “pedo hunter” was handed to me last week. It clearly illustrates just how explosive and fragile this piss pot of portly nonsense truly is. With all of her threats, bravado and “HACKING” friends I wanted to see for myself what this vile sloth was capable of. Not much it would seem.

Patty’s turned out to be just another potty mouth old hag who spewed nothing but hot air and HATE.

Her rage on TWITCH was brought on due to Faroe sending in some screen grabs of a skype convo they had, who knew she’d lose her shit over it. Thank you for the video.

More with AndrewC calling out Patty the Pedo hunter.

During the video AndrewC shares an interesting tidbit as he informs us he was on a skype call with Adumb when for a second Adumb nearly “spilled the beans” on his prior convictions related to the sexual assault of a 14 yr old girl.

This Patty woman has a few screws loose as she now claims she will defend Adumb for she speaks with honesty and truth but then in the next breath calls this entire situation “GAY”.

Way to go Patty so now you’re pretty much confirming you may be homophobic ? What gives with a statement like that ?

Thanks to the person for the video.

You may recall Adumb’s NEW friend and dedicated supporter “Patty the PEDO hunter” well seems the shit hit the fan last week in Glen’s room and some of his mods have decided to give their opinions on TWITCH. One of these casters is AndrewC former friend to Adumb.

During the video this Patty woman lays claims to all sorts of dumb unfounded ridiculous nonsense, one of which she herself has investigated Adumb. I call that out as a LIE.

You can’t investigate someone in Canada the legal red tape and privacy acts make it impossible to do so.


No one but RCMP officers and the Crown or the defense along with the presiding Judge may look at such criminal documents. Stop taking a page out of Jessica’s DumbDick book of LIES.

GOOGLE simply won’t cut it here sister and that tells me you’re full of SHIT. The only PEDO HUNTING you’ve ever done is to find them and befriend them. Keep your dumb ass out of things you have no understanding of. Your lack of knowledge on the subject shows.

I’ll place up part 2 in a day or so, there’s simply way too much to place up in one post.

Thanks to the person who sent in the video.