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I bet you’re asking yourself who are the rat people ?

Well you’re just going to have to watch the video….OOOohhhh my lord I know where this is going, I’ll have to brace myself……..Something tells me this post might have at least 20 to over 40 comments.


“KY goes to the liquor store drunk and someone calls the shop telling the guy to not sell him anymore cause he has had enough. He then rants with the Uber driver saying it was Yetta or “the rat people” 


“KY then gets home and realizes it’s a mute point because he forgot to bring his wallet to the liquor store.”

“He then still rants about Yetta”……..

Thank you for the video.

An email sent it that read…..

“I caught this today a moderator was sent in and shut down his page since he wasn’t answering their pm”

And thank you for the video.

So now that you know what’s about to take place here’s fair warning.


No idea what KYs rambling about it might be he’s been sucking on one of Jessica’s unclean outdated dildos but anyways here he is in all his glory.

Let’s face it this is something everyone wanted…

Thanks for the video

An email sent in…..

I don’t know what KY was doing but he had been drinking all day today and ate 2 bowls of chili and half a pan of corn bread. He then fell asleep on cam for awhile. Then he woke up and decided he needed to cut this cord for God who knows why? Anyway, he almost electrocutes himself. LOL

Thx for the vid used here.