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I can’t believe that these two toxic cartoon characters are talking again after the blow back that took place over the weekend, but here it is.

Someone said the other they’re watching Crabz turn into Keith right before their very eyes and they’ re right. We now have RULES lol.

Mark Vaughn “cocksucker and nigger.

But first a few words from Rafael Garcia as he calls Mark Vaughn a cocksucker and a nigger after finding out he’s been banned from the site. This took place last week, the recording was from when he was on Ivlog.

And of course the fall out from what took place over the weekend, with Paradice..Crabzo as 313 recasts it for laughs.

Thanks to all for the videos.

The woman beater of Vaughn live has had it and he’s calling everyone out to an open invite to his home.

I guess shooting off his big mouth with mocking Karen with the breast cancer has really paid off big time, but there’s one huge factor here that you’re forgetting Rafael Garcia you were harassing a woman with breast cancer so now that’s something you’re going to have to learn to deal with.

The video is very revealing and even has a hidden DOX that you might discover, so pay attention.

Hey Rafael Garcia (Crabzo) from Boston step right up and let the world know how much of a bad ass you think you are because I haven’t forgot about you.

How can anyone take this loser seriously after he admits to calling Karen’s home leaving crank call messages harassing a woman who’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. Let’s not forget he’s doxed another woman caster, and as he now claims I’m a woman and wishes to assaults me. Tough guy.

But here he is getting slammed by Paradice as she claims he’s taken some of her views and has become a fake friend.

Well this was certainly an unexpected surprise I must say as our favorite new drunk of 2021 has decided to engage in the naughty with her platonic male companion leprechaun lover friend room mate during a Vaughn live cast.

Either he came too soon or not at all, but then he decides to go down and eat her out, seriously one must wonder if he enjoys the taste of his own ejaculation.

What was this boy thinking ?

We may have a bukkake exhibitionists in the making here, but alas Lenny is now banned.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, farewell.

Saturday night turned out pretty much as I had predicted as the casters on Vaughn live decided to get angry with one another and come with the internet threats.

First off we have what might be the most insane dumb ass of all time, Rafael Garcia (Crabzo) internet tough guy fat ass and huge cry baby.

The internet touch guy seriously has a drug related issue has he now states that he’s going to assault me with a slap along the face then he follows up with legal threats and his Boston lawyers. You ever notice how all of these lame cry baby casters make physical threats followed by legal threats of court and removing this blog ?


Yet no one ever does it.. Wonder why ?

This piece of shit was out of breath from all of his yelling.

He then decides to even admit to trolling Karen, why anyone would sink so low is beyond me knowing that the poor woman was recently diagnosed with breast cancer ? You Rafael Garcia (Crabzo) are without doubt the lowest of the low and a huge coward.

Truly this low life sack of dog shit is one of the most sickest individuals to come along in years.

His obsession with 313Stope1 has led him to continue his prediction of 313 dying some time in March. Some twisted hatred from Rafael Garcia (Crabzo).

Moose wants to fight

Then it’s Moose who wants to hurt David 313, what’s with these online keyboard tough guys and the online threats ?


Halloween is only hours away and things have become pretty hawt so far, wonder what else lurks online.