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On every internet platform Chris goes he gets trolled and reminded of his sexual perverted past and crimes.

I think in his weak foolish mind he feels he can carry on as if nothing ever happened by continuing to drink alcohol and play his favorite tunes, unfortunately for you people don’t forget.

Personally I don’t ever see things changing for him as he now streams on TWITCH a site that has vulnerable minors as young as 14.

Thank you for the video.

Chris you’ve made your bed now lie in it.

You may recall Rick Berry one of Vaughn lives most recent streamers who’s husband was arrested for sexually assaulting his friends autistic child while in the shower.

Not sure how true this latest information is but Rick Berry states he is preparing to adopt a child.

I really hope this is a sick joke and not factual, this creep should never be allowed near a child.

Allow me to introduce you to Rick Berry aka Kingproductions Vaughn’s newest streamer. This person streams on TWITCH and most likely several other platforms. His hope is to be monetized on Youtube.

His husband was arrested for having sexual relations with children and viewing child porn other accusations were made against both Rick and his husband…I strongly recommend you watch the vids…All credit to Idiot Exposure for the vids used here.

Something tells me we’re going to be hearing a lot about him…ALOT.

~Rick Berry and his convicted pedophile husband Martin Berry~

A brief history of Rick and his husbands involvement with child porn. From destroying key evidence to taking showers with children this is by far some of the most damaging videos I’ve ever witnessed.

You may find it has an almost Jessica, Adumb feel/scent to it.

Rick Berry abusing his dog

Traci is one of Glen’s friends as well as a former Ivlog caster who recently felt uncomfortable about allowing Adumb to use team viewer on her pc.

An email sent in that read…

Not sure if she’s suspended or banned. Probably banned. More to come.”

All credit goes to Zippy for the video used on this post.