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The blow back after the recent cast were it was stated that the rapist registered sex offender offered tech help with someone’s pc. That so called tech help was declined and it’s made some sad tender snow flake rather salty. Thanks for this video used on this post.

This shit fest is gonna be a long one so get the popcorn.

As the usual idiots have their 2 cents worth in this masterpiece of nonsense, but what makes it filthy funny are the out right lies this group feed one another especially coming from Adumb and Jessica. You have to see it to believe it.

If the day should ever arrive that either Jessica dumb cunt or Adumb rapist the retard sex offender find it within themselves to tell the truth is the day I shut this blog down…..

In the second video I found it odd as Glen states that Adumb has seen his social security number as well as his credit card information and the sex offender has full complete access to his computer.

And that’s pretty much what I said in the previous post so why did Glen just repeat what I said, how would I know such things ?

Makes you wonder, think about it…..

~Glen on Faroe~

The irony here was too much for me to handle as this cluster fck ass clown Glen who has literally spent over an hour informing everyone to not come to this blog and totally dismissing us, now informs everyone that HE himself watches this blog and likes to watch Faroe videos.

Hell his whole god damn chat watches this blog HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

I just receieved an email that read ……

The master (pedo) Adambro gets dissed by one of his own. (Another retard).

and here’s the video

Thank you for this video.

The issue here is I’ve recently heard from several sources that Adam Paul Stuart Browne (registered sex offender and rapist) does help people with computers for a fee…HOWEVER he then takes and uses information that he collects turning them into unwitting targets for blackmail and theft.

For example he’ll try to get his victims on “team viewer” and lure them to downloading it with the excuse of offering his services but in actuality he’ll gather information such as credit card numbers, pass words, names and locations to use it against them in the near future.

TeamViewer is remote access and remote control computer software, allowing maintenance of computers and other devices. It was first released in 2005, and its functionality has expanded step by step. TeamViewer is proprietary software, but does not require registration and is free of charge for non-commercial use.

In other words he’s granted remote access to another persons computer by the intended victim.

So don’t fall for it.

The weekend wasn’t as provocative as I had thought it would be, what with the full moon upon us and such.

We did witness some painting on TWITCH by this caster Taylor_Jevaux who enjoy painting her breasts while chatting. My only gripe is that their are minors on the site who have access to this kind of content.

I wonder how long it’ll last before Twitch moves in.

GOOGLE her name with the word “nude” at the end you may find some more of Taylor.

Is shy

I could care less what people do in the privacy of their own homes, and as strange as some of these alternatives lifestyle may be I simply look away or choose to ignore.

It reminds me of the time I ate a heaping bowl of breast milk with mac and cheese, I ended up with a sour bum ache in my tummy.

You either go for it or walk away…….

But when strange things take place on public platforms that allow 14 yr old’s like TWITCH then perhaps it’s time to take action ?

Below are just 2 of the YOUTUBERS I like to watch from time to time who have kept up with this latest Amouranth story.

I am with child