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I’m completely unsure as to what took place between Crabz and another caster today going by the name Irishspring, but whatever it was it had Crabz steaming.

With words splashed across his channel like “Irishfake” along with an imgur link I could only wonder.

During his cast he repeatedly drops the imgur link loaded with screen shots of a skype conversation between himself and this other caster. Claiming he’s exposing this caster for wanting cash and medical treatment for a kidney infection. The amount for the meds was around $80 or so, but Crabz was willing to go halves to ensure this caster was taken care of.

I guess things didn’t work out…I have some of his cast recorded as he spills out slurs and drops his screen shot links, however in doing so he doxes this woman’s full name.

Later on he paints out the images and places up another Imgur link.. However like most casters and folks who have no clue about the internet her first and last name was already out there on her public Facebook account so Crabz is not to fully blame here.

I’m sure someone out there knows what took place, besides I’m sure Frank may have some more to say on the matter.

Is there nothing this idiot can’t keep to himself by shutting his dumb mouth ?

Every time he opens that hole in the front of his face called an anus more of his dumb shit seems to dribble out of his yap.

Here he is again not only bashing other people but this time he decides to have a few jabbed insults at the owners of the site he lives on…The Vaughns.

And the reason for all of this anger today is that someone was dropping the blog link that exposed our dear Frank, he wasn’t a happy camper.

Big dummies own words.

“The Vaughns fucking suck, dude. Mark Vaughn…They don’t do fucking shit bro. They like people abusing other people. They feed off of it or something. Fucking sick.”

Go on Frank tell everyone that everything here is “FAKE NEWS”.. cry for me again buttercup.

If the dumb shit that kept falling out of your mouth were gold, you’d be filthy stinking rich.

Early this morning an ass ripping so loud with so much toxic anger you could feel the earth tremors for miles in all directions.

When will the verbal bashing end for poor Frank ?

When will Frank finally stop breast feeding Paradice ?

Will Frank’s testicles finally drop, will he one day become a man, or at least half a man ?

The bashing must have gone on for hours ?

Last night Frank received a tongue lashing on Vaughn from his internet love interest Paradice, today it was Frank’s turn to vent his passionate anger.

From the broken heart of a man who gave his all emptied his soul. Now with tears in his eyes Frank weeps for the love he has lost all thanks to that Devil at the bottom of a bottle.

Frank dear I understand the pain you feel for I to have loved and given my all to another who turned their back on me and broke wind in my general direction. Sometimes it’s not meant to pee, I mean BE. Sorry typo.

The pain of an internet heartbreak can bring such betrayal and nights of unbearable torment, and that’s why I have my very own Barbie doll collection by my bedside to give me warmth and comfort on those lonely nights…….. ◕︵◕

We did try and warn you but your open heart and the fact you wanted to plunge your weeny in to Para’s pearly toxic gates lead you on to a path of doom and gloom. This pain was inevitable.

Even Paradice warned you but you refused to listen.

She did tell you that her alcoholic mother was helpless and that she ran off at 14 to have Bruce raise her, and from the age of 14 to 40 he’s still raising her. Frank it’s all she’s ever known when you see the mother you can then see the daughter.

The Captain has left port.

Why do I get the feeling Frank would love to be that special tampon, or maybe he already is ? Just not in the way he’d like to be used. $$$$$$$

Thanks for the screen grab

No one respects a weak person. Or as Jessica would say no one respects a “week” person.