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An email sent in that read….

“ODP tries Omegle yet again. The persistent attic dweller is still searching for true love”

Thanks for the video used here.

I thought ODP had died years ago but unfortunately for women everywhere he’s actually still alive and trying to date anyone.

It’s like looking at dribbling SAM but this one lives in an attic. Seriously why is this guy single ?

Thanks for the video

As the list of unclean reprobates increases so does the level of unsanitary toilet water, but hence that’s Ivlog’s legacy in a nut shell as was the same with Vaughn once upon a time. Strange how things can change yet still remain the same.

Joining the list of dimwitted characters is an old familiar Vaughn face “PimpDating” or (ODP) and trust me when I say here comes the shits and giggles.

It’s like having another Sam.

I can actually see Jessica teaming up with ODP and singing together on a cast. Or perhaps a future love connection has finally made it’s way to ODP’s casting heart ?

Oh man hahahahahahaahahahahahah, Oh man this is going to be something precious.