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I had thought we were over the denial part Jessica, as it dates back to Jan 2021 as both yourself and Adumb had met a 15 yr old on Twitch named Megan.

Unfortunately I had no idea that you were still scheming and plotting out your own fabricated version of what truly took place.

So I was given several Jessica videos dated Sept 1st 2021. I decided to revisit this old post once again in hopes of clearing this up as it truly took place. I’ve added both recent and dated video to clarify the events.

Jessica if you’re going to lie at least do it properly ?

Thanks for the recent video

There were many posts placed up on Megan and what took place, you may wish to read up on them with links down below.

During todays romper room cast the single brain celled moron Jessica once again makes FALSE malicious allegations against not only Robert who’s 58 but Megan a 15 yr old girl as well.

She claims she has proof…and wait till you see this so called “PROOF”. It’s laughable.

So I decided to question this vile moron of sub standard intelligence, requesting “PROOF” to support her allegation of cyber sex between Robert and Megan.

I’m guest_445965261360 the one requesting the “PROOF”.

With all of Jessica’s chest beating and vile cyber claims she still can’t seem to produce ANY proof to support her pedo peddling words…How interesting.

Jessica you dumb pile of stinking shit I asked for the “PROOF” that means produce something actually showing and supporting your childish clams, so do it c’mon.

Let’s see the proof.

My thoughts…. The only proof I’m witnessing here is that FACT that you Jessica can’t stop yourself from continuously slandering a minor who stood up and spoke out against you and your registered sex offender friend. You have nothing else better to do but to berate a minor who made the honest mistake of befriending you and believing you were her online friend.

I’m sure Megan lives everyday regretting it.

To Megan and Robert ..Lost for words I am with this living abortion imbecile called Jessica, I do hope one of you or some 3rd party out there takes some form of legal action and places this creature in a court of law forcing her to pay for her slanderous vile pedo ways….It’s long overdue.


Something from Jessica’s past, practice what you preach Jessica.

This recently took place as Jessica has announced she’s been de moded from Adumb the registered sex offender’s TWITCH channel.

Not sure if the Merman/ Jessica skype call had anything to do with it, so maybe someone out there has a clue as to what has taken place with this latest drama ?

Code420 speaks out.

Code420 and his thoughts on the Merman/Jessica video.

Code420 wants everyone to know he will inform TWITCH casters on the LIES from both Adumb and Jessica.

I must say I do appreciate the fact this casters remains vigilante and up to date on all facts concerning both Adumb and his side kick Jessica. He holds no punches and gives his honest opinion. Thank you for what you do.

A continuation of Mondays dumb rant from Jessica HorseDick as she continues to blab incoherently about everything yet making no sense what’s so ever.

What we have here is IT decides to let us know that TWITCH is NOT a children’s site and needs to change their TOS, she then decides that Megan who is either 15 or 16 should be banned for not being of age.

Well you see here’s the problem, single living brain celled mutant fetus thing, it was YOU and Adumb who knew Megan was 15 at the time and everything was great in your world of LIES until those of us here called you out on it. But NOW you want Megan banned ?

What a gawd damn embarrassment this 36yr old woman is to the human race.

Ladybugx3 is 17yrs old.

Now with all that aside I was handed this latest piece recently by a friend of the blog who had this to say.

As we all know Adam doesn’t let people just park in his room, so I find this odd he allows a kid to just stay in there…. it’s so odd how Jessica the retard was going off in that video I sent you the other day about hot tub streamers etc wearing tiny bikinis, yet if you look at who she follows on twitch its pretty comical (also did she forget her attempt(s) at casting in a bathing suit in the dead of winter LOL. I think since she cant find a bf she has turned lesbo lol. Here is a 17 yr old hanging and subscribed user in AdamBlows channel on Twitch. Adam hasn’t followed her BUT he knows we can see who he follows. I will even bet money Jessica paid for the 17yrs sub.

She’s most certainly 17, let’s monitor this more carefully.

I may have over done it with posts involving both Jessica Adumb and Megan, but the point I’m trying to make here is on how easy Jessica can flip flop and twist the facts into something completely different. You can’t change history.

Thanks for the screen grabs and videos used on this post.

An outrageous lash out from Saturday night mere moments after the bot post.

Welcome to the dark side with all pun intended, as this sarcastic humor clearly has flown right over hump lumpa’s head. Jess may feel she’s clever in placing up the image I created all over her social media accounts, but what she doesn’t realize is that she’s fallen right on to her face simply by using it.

Her angry bitter scornful face tells the tale as she’s already read the post detailing her error by using bots on her TWITCH account, so angry this dark soul has become she decides to vent her poison directly towards Robert in our very own chatroom.

During the video the dark one decides to make direct threats towards Robert and his family by saying “I could attack your daughters husband for being illegal”…What Jess doesn’t understand is that this man is a native American Indian born in the United States of America. His ancestors were there hundreds of years before YOU were Jessica.

But that’s not enough for her… She then goes on about Adumb giving her Robert’s address and let’s us know what dark intentions she has planned for him…By adding “I have your families names that I can use against you.”

She then berates him by letting him know how she basically wishes him to die with the possibility of having an accident.

Jessica finalizes her stupidity by reaching out to Megan who has now become 14yr old and makes the outrageous claim that both Megan and her grandmother are “sleeping with Robert.”


Seems with every breath this dark witch breathes more of her hateful words spew from her mouth like a donkey’s anus breaking sour toxic gas from it’s blowhole, so when will it end ?

Seriously is it any wonder why you are the most disliked person on the internet ?

Oh dear fake Christian, pray to thy god for salvation.