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The videos keep coming in on this one.

Down below is a short clip/preview. I foresee this being a 3 part post.

On his Saturday night 3rd of July cast the dribbling fished eyed hobbit has 6 beers. one of his mods “Starbeam” a regular has sent him $15 through Paypal for beer.

After looking at the persons last name on Paypal, he believes that Starbeam may have the same last name as a troll named Jacob, that person was once associated to his ex beloved… Gina.

Listen to his brilliant deduction and what soon follows as a classic insane dribbling fish eyed hobbit paranoia rage. It’s good…REAL GOOD.

PART 1…Enjoy hahahahahahahaahah

If you thought his anus was fire in this video wait till I place the other parts up.

With a few drinks in his belly the dribbling fished eyed hobbit spills his guts quicker then you can say vodka bottle.

It’s a story Sam has relived countless times while casting, but what makes this time different is that it’s now been recorded.

“last night sam ranted on badkitteh because he got a dominos pizza order the other day when he was making chicken shawarma he said if the dominos driver had covid and sam got it then the person who sent the order would be responsible for his death lol and he mentioned you too monkey I recorded it feel free to repost if you want 🙂……

When Gina is ready to send me a pizza I’ll blow her a kiss and thank her…Anchovies.. peperoni. onions…ground beef and olives. Anything like that and I’m good thx

Thank you for the video…

The dribbling fish eyed hobbit goes off and I was left laughing. This guy seriously needs something to calm his nerves.

I’m furious that Sam can cook I’m so jealous. I need my drug and alcohol money… hahahahhaha ooohhh man…Thanks for the video I laughed.

Over the holidays Gina contacted Sam to wish him a Merry Christmas, and that got the ball rolling. Boy did the truth come out…well some of it at least. Two separate videos and these nude pic were sent in different emails.

But there’s more a lot more….

Along with the pic was sent her Chaturbate link…

But when Gina invited Sam to her Tinychat cast things were bound to heat up. Sam accepted but in no way was he prepared to hear the truth.

I was stunned to hear Sam say that it was Gina who sent a gay black man to his home, and it was Gina who placed the Craigslist ad up on Sam’s behalf. She placed up the ad claiming anyone who went to Sam’s home would receive a FREE laptop.

Whether Gina realized it or not she placed Sam’s life in jeopardy with her troll pranks. I’m just glad after all these years this finally came to light.

I think I was blamed for this as well ? ….. ◕︵◕

Thanks to all for the info used on this post.