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It was late last night as I posed upon the kitchen counter taking nude selfies of myself. When all of a sudden I could hear such a loud commotion coming from my desktop, I quickly hurried putting on my hello kitty nightgown with matching flip flops. I ran to see what all the ruckus was about.

WW3… The end as we know it, but I’m ok!

What I witnessed was unreal and simply hilarious as Jessica exploded into another mass autistic tantrum that even paled to a Faroe rant …It was glorious. Even with her broken arm Gina handled SAM ..Jessica and Faroe with a fierce style and grace that was legendary. At times I couldn’t help myself but laugh as scalding coffee ran freely from my nostrils.

It began with Gina calling out Jess with SAM on a call and banning Jessica.

It ended so badly for Faroe as he tried to hit on Gina, but his limp weak sad attempt only blew up in his face like a cross eyed donkey releasing his load resulting in Faroe crawling back to Jessica for the 546 time this week.

I’m sure by the end of the day Faroe will ban and reban Jessica another 47 times before going nuts, smashing his key board and finally calling it quits for the night… We can only hope.

Ohh and from Gina’s discord last night.

HAhahahahahah Faroe man you keep burning yourself here.

Thanks to all for the videos and screen grabs used on this post, man that shit was fun.

All credit to Gina for this latest info.

According to Gina she had a Vaughn cast last night and had a go at SAM, this made the lil dribbling hobbit delete his account and run off… perhaps for good ?

Imagine that… this was the tuff guy who claimed he was going to fire off missiles towards Gina as well as claim he’d call his big sister to help with his online dispute with Gina. Of course lets not forget the $9 taser ?

Where did all the hutzpah go ?

Check for yourself his deleted Ivlog account below.


Sam has stated he’s changed his Ivlog name to SAM’S arcade, could be.