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~eu te amo para sempre~

The dribbling fish eyed hobbit has given me his blessing so that Gina my toxic insane psychotic crazy e lover woman, may finally be with me! I’m excited beyond words over this spectacular news!

Not so sure if that’s a good thing or not?

I may have to hire bodyguards?

However gran mas thrilled to finally have me move out of the basement!

My EX lover George, not so pleased over this!

And now for the video that has changed my entire life…forever! Thank you Sam I owe you everything! Now Gina and I can make future plans!

A recent comment just sent in that reads……

“Sam ip banned Jessica! she was refusing to leave his room and causing Sam trouble with Gina. Nobody wanted her there and she didn’t care. She loves the attention and creating drama just like Yetta.”

Only further proof that no one with common sense wants the foul moldy vile thing known as Jessica around on any platform. In her empty head she actually believes she’s a star and can do no wrong….We call this moment “PRICLESS”. You’re content and nothing more.

Tanks for the screen grab.

I figured this post would be kinda fun and refreshing with switching gears instead of discussing that greasy creep Charles Maddox!

Now I’m uncertain who started what, so my goal is to comment on video proof and nothing but.

It began with Gina having some words directed in our chat towards Jessica, with claims that Jessica gave out Sam’s number to Merman without his permission!

Gina and Sam on call discussing Jessica giving out Sam’s number to Merman, and now Sam claims he’s blocked Merman, Jessica claims the same thing! This is a hoot!

However over the weekend Merman ends up on a Twitch call during Glen’s cast where he reveals his side of the story! Me gets the feeling someone’s gonna be a tad upset over this?

This mess of a post covers just about everything you could imagine all in one. We have our very dear and lovely temptress Gina having her stream key removed from Vaughn live.. And of course who could forget the on an off again online toxic shit fest featuring Sam’s insane scrumptious drooling love affair with Gina the sour obnoxious kitty, btw both can now be viewed on Twitch….However please beware dear viewers as being too close proximity of either of these 2 would be the equivalent of having a million fire ants rammed up ones anus.

With Gina exposing a little more than just her playful self, our sweet diva was also captured with her ample grapefruits waiting to be plucked….Ohh la laaaa… Pluck away Sam if you manage to survive this feline of prickly poisonous lust than surely you’ll be able to survive WW3 and WW4…Trust me on this.

Was it any wonder that the mold queen of deceit knew of Gina’s report so much sooner than anyone else ever did ? Makes one wonder.

And now both our beloved Gina and the dribbling fish eyed hobbit can be seen on Twitch as the 2 sadomasochist lovers finally slash and hack one another into gleeful psychotic bliss…. The End.

Farewell dear sweet Gina may your potty mouth find the love you have always searched for.