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Another night of BT and his exceptional culinary skills, but this time an unknown caller has sent BT two pizzas.

In this second video, not only does BT receive his pizza but with it comes a hidden surprise.

I actually feel bad for the guy, not only do his viewers slam him in to the concrete non stop, but ordering pizzas to his home hurts the pizza business as well.

With a possible stalker near by I’m unclear if this was staged or if it’s legit. Either way BT needs to relocate and move elsewhere. Good luck.

Thank you for the videos.

I think we may have found another poor bastard who eats like Sam, and yet embodies the same filthy lifestyle qualities as Shawnio…no joke.

BT is the American version of Shawnio hands down, from his love for gay porn to the way he cooks and behaves. Everything about him oozes Shawnio. It’s like the brother he never knew existed.

We catch BT as he prepares his spaghetti with beef sauce, right after he exits the bathroom without washing his hands.


Be careful this may not be the video for you, but if you insists on watching it I hope you get the same chuckles and giggles I had…Enjoy.

I don’t think I’ll be looking at spaghetti for a while.

For the last several weeks MontralKaren has been pining for a Vaughn caster by the name of BT.

She recently heard that he was about to be evicted from his home and was kind enough to offer a free room for 3 months. Some of the perks that came along with the FREE room were FREE ravioli meals and nude body rubs.

Now I cannot deny or confirm the nude body rubs, but word in the local massage parlor is that Karen uses only 100% virgin olive oil with a hint of lavender and a splash of semen.

However Karen felt that BT didn’t take her up on her offer in a timely fashion, so she became not only sexually aroused but frustrated as well, so much in fact that Karen actually DOXED herself by placing her own cell number in her chat.

Karen continued her constant whining, begging BT for a response.

Until after almost a week he finally accepted her call on her cast, and this is what took place.

My thoughts…

Personally I think Karen could easily seduce BT with her oily hair and drunken rants, sometimes I myself lay awake at night wondering what Karen’s beer farts smell like ..don’t you ?…Along with her flashing her mammoth gargantuan breasts Karen could snuggle up with BT and keep him warm on those long Montreal winter nights. Come to think of it BT you’re one lucky son of a bitch.

May the love you both share flourish like a tainted boil on a donkey’s ass.

Thanks to everyone for the and the gif used on this post.