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I wanted to end 2018 with something different..Maybe controversial ?

I’ve kept this post on hold since Sept 2017 for the simple fact I keep forgetting, as more interesting subject matters and topics become available I just shelve this one and move on. So thanks to the person who emailed it to me so many posts ago and I apologize for keeping all of you on hold.

A few notes before you get started at the 5:00 mark of the video it becomes freaky interesting as this wet moist flower decides to inform everyone of her secret desire to have sex with an 80yr old man, but to then kill him while she has sex with him. What can I say perhaps some of the older fellas need to get in line ?

Several of you out there have repeatedly requested the videos in it’s entirety so without further ado….enjoy…..

In the second vid she desperately asks “daddy” to place his cock in her ass and to fck her…She then explains how she’s a dirty bitch as she continues to moan and groan. However through out both videos she periodically places strawberries in to her vagina. It isn’t  until the ending of the second video that she now lays back and spits the strawberries from her moist vagina. For her sake I’m glad she didn’t go shopping for cold cuts or canned tuna.

Oh well there ya have it. Something fruity something moist and something sweet but most certainly something…….. tainted.