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An email that was sent in to me recently focusing on Keith’s sporadic behavior towards Jessica. Thanks to the person for the comments an images used on this post.

“Keith is dangerous and no matter what anyone thinks of Jessica, she needs to take this shit more serious. Her stupidity could end up fatal! “

I must point out Jessica herself has made numerous death wishes along with death threats and talk of inciting suicide not only towards myself but others as well.. All which have been documented on this blog by yours truly.

“Examples of Keith’s love for Jessica! Oh and it was Jessica who got Keith banned off ivlog for death threats! “

A mishmash of online messy streamers who need help and proper guidance from an adult or perhaps a wellness check.

Let’s face it none of these misbegotten cartoon characters have a chance in the real world. It was over before it ever began.

Keith flips out on Merman who innocently went in his room and only said “waaaasssssssuuuupppp”

Prison habits must be difficult to break.

A few seconds of compassion and love from Keith directed towards his ex internet lover Jessica DumbDick… Thanks for the vid.

A poem symbolizing the toxic passion between these two. Hope it brings you the same joy it brought me.

My stomach turned upside down
and inside and out

It felt like toxins
but in a good way
see I burnt away a layer of my skin
it was itching me
it was dry
it made me fell disgusting
I looked at myself and all I could see was this skin
looked like it was dipped in toxic
But a cure came around
it came in bunches
or a single pack
its sizes ranged from big to small
the cure surrounded me
it held me tight
it kept telling me to let the skin go
but I didn’t know who I was with out it
But the cure showed me who I was with it
and as I let the toxic skin fall
I felt toxins in the air
it was clean
it was fresh
and I was unaware
this was what it was like
to be *free

“Chatting up the ladies” ?

Oh boy you can see the shit show coming from miles away, but hey it’s the internet and anything goes. Ironically enough he then begins to give his sage advice to these “ladies” on being aware of modding strangers too soon.

Keith is pissed at Jessica……again.

Well he banned the humpa lumpa head (Jessica) but then she was asking for it. Thanks for the info used on this post.