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“I want you to tell me how much money you sent me”….and in a weak cowardly submissive voice you hear “$3,080 sir”

This was one of Moonboots Chaturbate online man slaves and he was eager to please his master on a recent Vaughn live cast. When Moonboots isn’t shining his carrot online for men and cash he can be seen on Skype dominating.

By the tone of his voice you can tell Moonboots likes to dominate his man bitch, the way he commands as he stares hungerly at the camera is an indication of his man power machismo dripping right from his pursed lips. You could sense his powerful dominating anus was throbbing with control as he continued to suck up cash.

It’s hot oozing man on man action right before our very eyes. Ohh lalllaaaaa. My 87yr old grand father was feverish with excitement as he gripped his man hood eagerly watching Moonboots.

Aaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll the way back in 2016 I did a Yetta cat fish post ,where it was discovered that Yetta had a kinky male admirer who sent her a sneak peek a boo video. Not much has changed for Yetta as it would seem another has taken up the challenge in wooing the lusty ol tarts heart.

We have Moonboots on a TWITCH stream listening to Yetta on her Ivlog cast as she discuses some rather explicate and possibly sordid details that can only be left up to the imagination. At the same time we have Moonboots clearly seen not only watching Chaturbate but his laptop seems to have the jitters, it’s enough to give anyone motion sick.

Is Moonboots behaving naughty on TWITCH ?

Thanks for the video

Oh Yetta we love you

Congratulations on being the last banned caster of 2019 and the first of 2020, we all knew you could do it..clap….clap….clap.

Sources close to the distraught Moonbooze tell me he has sent numerous emails to Cr3am, but so far the only response has been something along the lines of..Cr3am is too busy admiring his new thumb rings that he received for Christmas.

Moonbooze has been quoted as saying “I really enjoy shining my carrot for folks online in fact my new years prostitution is to toss an entire salad in one stroke”…. I cannot confirm or deny this but I do wonder if he’ll be using a vinaigrette for the salad ?

Yes, Moonbooze is now disguised as a plant.

Our most beloved and newly crowned DIVA of 2019, Ben InOhio has recently broken down in tears over the ban, and threatens if Moonbooze is no longer welcumed on Ivlog then he plans to have a 24 hour NUDE CAST. Let me remind you that beautiful Ben has been caught with his pants down on Ivlog before. You naughty Ben you <3.

The voluptuous Ben has sent me a tantalizing sexy sample of what is to cum…I know Shawnio’s moist back end mangina quivers in orgasmic delight.

You’re probably asking yourself..Why does Monkeysniffer have a shower video of Ben ?….Trust me when I say…I ask myself that same question.

Seems a lot went on as several casters lost their fragile minds and behaved extra naughty. Santa keeps tabs on this sort of thing you know. 🎁

First we have Alvaro who at some point during the day decided it was high time he place the CBC news link up on Vaughn, he to has made a statement for all to witness. Congratulations. πŸŽ…

Now remember this CBC news link is in no way directly involving or connected to Adam Paul Stuart Browne, so the registered sex offender shouldn’t be upset over this. However we shall see lmao. How long until Adumb spills his guts and begins to whine ? I give him seconds.

Later on in the evening we had Moonbooze, intoxicated as usual and that’s pretty normal for him. But the unkempt caster decided to flaunt his beans and berries and wiggle a floppy 4skin for all to witness on Christmas day, this resulted in his BAN from Ivlog.

What’s was odd was that Meatballs was being recasted over in Vaughn, no idea as to why but eh. Keep your pants on and sober up Moonbooze.

A few other Xmas casters worth mentioning.

I was sent a 20min video of an ex caster from Vaughn (Trip to Mars), who I had no idea had resurfaced in Ivlog as Pixelized. If I spelled that correctly, this recent Ivlog caster is now a brunet but back then I recall her being blonde. Of course she looked very different with her legs closed and her clothes on. It’s been along time since I did a post on TriptoUranus but I do recall her glow sticks that she would twirl around in the dark giggling. And that’s all I’ll say on that. Very revealing.

Last but not least we have A-S-E another Ivlog caster who decided it would be a great idea to throw out some nudes of another Ivlog caster (Buckles). This also had A-S-S banned from the site, very naughty A-S-E. I do recall your ex Jen flaunting her tits as well, oh wait I have her tit pic among the other reckless nude casters and dimwits.

Tits, tits, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Tits, tits, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

HEY if it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for me. I’ll shine my candy cane.

Thanks to all for any screen grabs and please fuck off Shawnio, fall off the planet and do the human race a favor.

Last night brought us another Moonbooze drunk cast, yes he’s on lockdown again.

But what was different about this cast was that for a brief shinning moment Moonboots stood tall like a man, alone like a son of bitch that had purpose with something to say. And I admired it…… BRAVO.

He spoke on the Adam Paul Stuart Browne situation and gave his feedback, he even went as far as to place several other Ivlog casters on the spot asking them their opinion on a grown adult having sex with a minor and becoming a registered sex offender on a Canadian 20 year list.

SHAME for most of the Ivlog pinheads sat with blank expressions on their plastic faces, some not intelligent enough or simply lacking morale back bone to make a proper decision. In other words most of these caring folk cared little for trying to change what needs to be changed, but would rather cling to the illusion that casting on Ivlog should be their highest priority. Sit back and suck on your glass bong, ignore the pedophiles and sex offenders who snuggle next to you in chatrooms.

Some casters such as BoscoMoney or Mr Meathead have tried to contribute for the greater good, others like Codefourtwenty try to make all of us aware of how strongly they feel over the matter.

Even Faroe has said his peace.

These few stand up for a belief a purpose, it takes guts to face the truth alone even against what the popular vote may demand from us.

When all is said and done the question should be asked..WHY….. Why do you as a human being care so little, and before you answer ask yourself this. How many other sex offenders or rapists are online ? If you don’t care who should ? Where do you draw the line and contribute or have a say ?

“There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem”

Salute to you Moonbooze, now sober up.