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An email that came in several days ago that read…….

This nasty guy by the name of L00kis spews hate to all in the room and then later admits to beating his ex gf who went by the name of Pink Panda. Ivlog should ban him asap.

And boy he’s one angry fella……Thanks for the video.

For years the name Monkeysniffer has been the most talked about and controversial blogger of all times.

I am regarded in several sites such as Ivlog, Vaughn and Twitch not to mention most chat rooms and even Facebook and other blogs.

You can literally go to most chatrooms and the name Monkeysniffer is almost in every sentence….C’MON YOU KNOW IT… HAHAHAHAHAH…

Whether you hate me or love me everyone has a Monkeysniffer story…or 2 ?

And this is where our love story begins…Oh la laaaaaaa …baby <3….Well it’s actually been like this since 2014.

It takes me back to when I was 17 and Shawnio’s love for a much younger monkey grew until it bloomed into a beautiful flower.

Bounties and riches were offered as to the whereabouts of the dreaded Monkeysniffer, but alas nothing was ever discovered.

O amor está no arTu és o meu amorQuero estar contigo para sempreSinto saudades …only for you my love <3 my soulmate.

Has anyone ever told you have beautiful tits ?

Thanks for any screen shots used here.

Stuff, stuff and more stuff sent in. Thank you to those who sent any stuff in.

Keith expresses support for Israel in a random rage insult
Adumb calls Sam at home ?
Crabz is unmodded and banned, sure why not.
Angie’s brain hurts.
Big ol jelly belly from Adumb the sex offender
Do you like picking up SHIT ?
How wide is your hole ?
Jessica cleaning her ears and rubbing the wax off ?
Moonboots on VL, can you spread your legs any wider ?



Lips sweet as sugar, ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
how to touch them I linger. You spread your smooth legs so that he may finger.
Lips that enslave him with their grandeur, just to see them near I ponder. Your strong manly arms hold his naked body. As your strong fingers caress nipples like hardened glass. Together they break wind and gently float away like two lost snowflakes melting in each others ass.
✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Thank you for the image.

She can’t stop, no matter what anyone says or does Jessica is drawn into drama. She lives for it 24/7. The queen of drama is at it again, long live the queen. All credit to YOU for the email.

And here I thought we’d have a quiet evening.

In this 17min file of her cast she rants on about her anger towards Ryan HiFi who apparently has DOXED her in some other chatroom, so she takes her high and mighty self and decides to cast on Vaughn, and it’s there she calls upon gods holy intervention.

Within the first 3 min of the vid, Jess informs everyone how she’s not into the fame or popularity.

Now hold on Disney Princess wasn’t it YOU that had your popular poll floating around with a whopping 45 whole votes. And lets not forget it was YOU who called yourself the Queen of Ivlog and made outrageous statement on how the site was on a certain popular level only due to your godly divine presence.

At 4min of the vid she hollers in orgasmic delight upon seeing Shawnio, the same Shawnio who fantasizes about 10 yr old boys licking peanut butter off his penis. How………..delightful ?

She even admits to being a FLIP FLOPPER herself lol.

Can’t make this up.

5min in and Jess is now whinning over the fact her home information was placed in Ryan’s chat….However if you GOOGLE Jessica’s name you can gather any and all information on her, all credit to Jessica who places her full name on to Facebook and other social media sites……DUUUUHHHHHH.

She DOXED herself YEARS AGO. hahahahahah

After all Ryan he needs to go to a fysical ferapist…for anger management..

Oh man. …hahahahahhah

6:17 she admits to being two faced and goes as far as to say she was this way towards everybody else…

Jessica please stop now and have a nice lunch dear lol. Just STOP.

The most painful comment of all time is when dear sweet Jessica says that no one likes me… 😥  . Why didn’t someone tell me I was so hated, I would have stopped wearing granma’s panties with matching heels. Perhaps something not so reveling and provocative. 😥 

It’s at this point I would show off the blogs views, but then again we all know it’s photoshopped. So why bother.

We have stuttering Jessica mumbling like Porky pig about Sam his family and his lawyer and how taking one look at this blog, they had decided it was disgusting and horrible that it needs to come down immediately.

Now Jessica most divine muffin of love….Were all of these people DISGUSTED at the posts where you EXPOSE your BREASTS and Sam was taking a SHOWER on a live CAST or showing off his WILLY on private calls ? Just curious dear, please let me know.

Because I don’t wish to mess with any bully and get horns.

Final thoughts.. Jessica you created your own problem here by lying on behalf of a registered sex offender, and the result will have negative consequences from folks who can actually think and see the truth as is. So Jessica you kinda dug your own hole again. Enjoy the FAME you’ve earned.