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I may have been wrong when I said not much happened over the weekend with the full moon an all, from what I hear one of Ivlog’s elite casters and cum I mean chum to Cr3am has left the site for greener pastures.

Word is Thumbtack became rather vocal with a moderator or with Cr3am himself hence finding himself banished from the garden of cream. This might be happens when your cream doesn’t rise to the top ?

It’s unknown what actually took place during the conversation.

Some of you may recall a post just several days ago where Merman laid claim of death threats from another caster on Ivlog named Thumbtack ?? Well on Sat March 16th Thumbtack made the below comments wishing DEATH on Glensroom along with several others. He certainly does enjoy wishing death as well as making death threats to folks doesn’t he. That site makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over <3

All credit and thank you to the person who sent this in, and for more on this caster I’ve placed the LINK below.

Odd how on Friday March 15th that Cr3eam had the royal verbal diarrhea cast were he spewed on how guest chat would be dealt with in one way or another, yet he can’t manage to deal with the simple things like his CASH COWS and how THEY behave ??? Shove your TOS up your ASS you worthless bag of hypocritical white poo.

I’d like to thank the person who sent this into me recently, seems things continue to spiral out of control on Ivlog. Except this time it’s our beloved heart warming friend from the sea Mermaid who’s on the receiving end of some pretty rough DEATH comments.

What’s particularly strange is that it’s one of the favorite Pro & Beta Anus Tasters that have financially supported the site from the beginning.

“Look at the top says he’s a pro and beta tester and also he’s a moderator for the site. Mermaid said also he’s reported him to Cr3am and they don’t do anything.”

“I was a guest in mermaid chat and he started talking about Thumbtack harassing him and I knew he was a moderator on that site and Merman also knows. I just thought you would like to see what he showed me. I just find it unreal a moderator on that site would be saying that to a fellow Caster.”

Someone was kind enough to point this odd 3rd named party to me (Subbidoo). So now the question remains HAS the image been tampered with and by whom..and for what reason ???? Is it possible 3 individuals would be in a private im or has someone’s account been hacked ? I’ll let you decide.

Normally I’d have a laugh over it and offer some humor but in light of the horrendous comments being hurled at poor Mermaid I do feel some what compassionate for him. I guess the HATE site known as Ivlog has all but abandoned it’s loyal viewers. Let’s wish him the best in his quest for peace in reporting this Ivlog injustice…Be well Mermaid lots of LOVE <3