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Some recent clips of Merman destroying Faroe were sent in… Man, holy moly Merman lets it go all over poor Faroe. Oh and let’s not forget his beautiful lesbian photographer that he fell in love with during a cruise…. He’s so romantic. ❤

Tanks for the video.

Well I’m truly shocked that the curvacious Merman would have Yetta’s home number and the fact she’s ok with it is truly mind blowing.

I mean after all Yetta is somewhat tight with both Dernise and wishy Yishy (the adambro look alike) who seem to have hatred for Merman and he for them. Both parties troll each other and have made public claims that were pretty bad.

So what gives ?

Perhaps the Christmas holidays have softened some hearts ?

But then again we all know Yetta the silky smooth skinned Jewish princess from NY can turn on a dime, so beware.

Kissy kissy Yetta bb 💕 💋

Thanks for the video used here.

Consider this the first part before the previous post where Merman is slandered for being a “pedo”… I’ll drop that link to the post in the below section if you wish to watch it.

In this vid Dernise claims that Merman has stalked her and hates women… As well as many other things.

Dernise if it would please you I’d stalk you on social media, the problem with that is I already stalk another who I have very strong feelings for and this could cause a great deal of emotional strife for all of us involved. ….Furthermore I stalk pretty much everyone else on various platforms including Ivlog and Vaughn not to mention hundreds of unsuspecting victims on Twitch everyday. My calendar is booked solid, hope you understand ?

Yours truly and sincerely


I was handed video of a furious Merman venting his frustration over what other casters were saying about him.

One particular caster being Kumgetsum, claimed that he heard a rumor that Merman was a “pedo”…

Merman then responded to both Kumgetsum and vents about a woman, but I haven’t a clue as to her identity. I was never given her name in the email.

However I personally have never witnessed any PROOF of such allegations concerning Merman being a pedo nor has anyone ever provided me with such evidence.

My final thoughts ..It’s obvious this is merely ass talk from trolls attempting to get a rise out of Merman by using a word that has been beaten and over used in recent years. It’s sad that something so horrid and disgusting is now a plaything for chatrooms thus making light of a real issue. But then again it’s the internet so one rolls with the punches. How unfortunate for the human race.

I do enjoy the fact that Merman is giving his sage advice to Crabz but lets be real Crabz is an idiot of the highest disorder and it’s documented on how he brought down mountains upon his head with very little effort.

I mean who else would dox his own address with amazon packages and pizza boxes ? ….A master troll you say ?

From begging people to arrive at his home to calling out threats of violence and raining death on complete strangers with the aid of the Hells Angels, Crabz has done it all in complete stupid style. He’s earned it.