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Not sure if any of you out there is truly ready for this….

When Merman gets all sexy jibber jabber like this I swear my naked 89yr old gran ma gets wet, then she starts barking at the ceiling.

Seriously only person I’ve ever heard of having a fantasy where is own sperm will save humanity, let’s face it we’re screwed.

Thank you for the vid.

But that hooker who’s tits he sucked on well she’s the luckiest gal on the planet, someone needs to inform her. I can only dream of such heavenly experiences.

I wonder why ?

I had to laugh at this due to the fact Merman has spent years letting everyone know about his over sea vacation hookers but for some reason now feels as if he needs to clarify or explain himself. Just seems funny.

Odd how he looks as though he’s wearing lipstick, I know he isn’t but I dunno he looks odd. Thanks for the video used here.

Something that was sent in to me from last Sunday, so yes I’m a lil late. Thank you for the screen grabs.

In chat seems poor Merman may have been scammed, not sure on how credible this is so you can decide.

The below image reminds me of another casters tit pic, but KY has a baseball cap on.

God gave this man beautiful breasts and he sure knows how to use them. Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Bits and pieces that I’ve recorded from the last few weeks and now I’ve decided to place them together for fun.

Along with that you may have noticed Merman casting on Vaughn. It was mentioned that Ivlog went belly up for the evening so this prompted several Ivlog casters to cast on Vaughn.

Keep licking your own ass that may answer your question.

Give Merman a few beers and away he goes.

Personally I had no idea Merman was such great blog fodder, I hope to post a lot more on this never ending wealth of entertainment.

Another special Ivlog moment, brought to you by Merman lord of the deep. Armed with informative masculine valued content fit for the wise sages, the romantic passionate Merman general ejaculator of the sea relates his sexual experiences like no other.

Merman a connoisseur of the ladies of the night a passionate lover of many fine delicate soft things. I can’t make this up……You may need to wear a garbage bag over yourself for this one. Merman is one smooth talker.

Thank you for this video, great stuff.