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Annnnndd back to our NEW stomping ground web site EzcapeChat where we have one of our favorite cyber naughty whores Mae.


Yup she wants a bebe just like every weirdo.

To be completely honest I’ve seen more of this looney tune over sexed tart than I’d like to admit. Crazy and sexy don’t mix in my mind and Mae issssssss……..well I leave that final opinion with you. Class is something this type can’t buy and will never be able to obtain.

Yeah amigo save your coin and purchase something worth while like a pack of 99cent gum, Mae isn’t worth it there’s better whores out there. Ohhhh and thanks for the screen grabs.

Mae’s bum bum

Some recent footage caught on Ezecrapshitchat another dull minded piss hole chat site for mentally impaired social misfits and self lubricated fucktards.

I may insist Mae start paying for all of the mental trauma she’s caused me in recent months with her naughty nudes and touchy touchy long wet fingers can’t a monkey catch a break ?

I’m simply a witness nothing more.

An email that was sent in, along with it was a gift in the form of a video.

“As we end one of the most perfect years of the century, I felt the need to thank you for making me endlessly giggle and chuckle”.

Thank you.

AnD YoU’Re wELcoMe.

🔔 ✨ 🔔 ✨ 🔔 ✨ 🔔 ✨ 🔔 ✨ 🔔 ✨ 🔔 ✨ 🔔

Along with this wonderful video I decided to add a few odds and ends from past posts just to keep up with the holiday cheer….Enjoy.

And yes that is his mother , Terri.

🎁 🎠 🎁 🎠 🎁 🎠 🎁 🎠 🎁 🎠 🎁

After eight years of blogging nothing ever seems to change as once again it’s that time of year and YOU KNOW WHO manages to crawl out of the wood work.

Leave it up to the one and only Frank Taylor to be asking folks to financially donate to help with the payment of his new home.

I like the personal touch as he informs everyone of his technical gadgets, nice of him to rub it in as he asks for donations. Screens 2x 48 inch 1080p and a 1x 55 inch 1080p…

And along came Mae…….

Last we saw of Mae she was spreading her ass cheeks searching for loose change, glad to see she’s decided to keep her clothes on….but for how long ?

I suspect others will somehow mange to pop up after all it’s Christmas.

Thanks to everyone for the updates.

Mae at it again ?

Our lovable yet flaky Mae has once again decided to expose her hoochie coochie. And it’s not the first time. Mae for gawds sake woman try to keep your clothes on…..TRY WOMAN.

Thank you for the screen grabs.

According to Urban Dictionary, a hoochie coochie is. “The genitals of a drunken woman. Derived from the term ‘hooch’, a slang word for alcohol and ‘coochie‘, a slang word for a woman’s genitals. The meaning becomes clear when you know the root-words involved.”Jun 18, 2020

I’m beginning to think Mae is trying to send all of us a message here. I’m seeing so much of Mae and yet we haven’t even been properly introduced.