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Yesterdays post was a prelude of things to come in other words it was merely a tease for the main course. Some of you MAY recall CrazyChrist a Vaughn caster who believed he was some sort of deity messiah come to warn humanity of it’s transgressions against him by refusing to accept his holy word, so Steve/GOD placed the world under a dome of ice that would every so often crumble sending a piece hurtling towards earth as a warning of the impending doom. He would preach for years of the coming of the apocalypses and divine punishment to all that mocked him. Did I ever mention I can’t make this shit up ?

As of August 30 2018 Steven Joseph Christopher is being detained in prison for threatening to kill president Trump. All credit and thank you to the person who sent this in to me.


The LINK below is the full story.

The video above is a sample of just how bizarre Steve would become with his rants and threats. From what I gather this was the video that started the process leading up to his most recent incarceration. Something I may have forgotten to mention is that this is the 2nd time Steve has spent time in prison the first time was back in 2009 for making online THREATS towards Obama, for that Steve spent 3yrs behind bars.

The LINK to that story is below or you can GOOGLE the name Steven Joseph Christopher.

At some point I do believe certain cough cough Ivlog casters may just go silent for a few days….you may wish to think on all this, or get yourself a lawyer ?

Or maybe just shut your stupid mouth yeah ?