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He then goes on to claims he’s never met Mark Vaughn but both he and Daryl the admin are gay faggots and should go fck off and die…

He’s an intense clown this BK Whopper.

Tanks for the video.

This single brain celled living debauchery opens the book of truth spitting upon his own camera as he claims the devil has taken a hold of his tongue making it so he’s unable to speak.. It’s the devil’s work.

He then claims he has on going battles with flying witches that enter his bedroom on the ouija board. Perhaps he has delusions of grandeur as the 3 witches take turns entering his anus with pointy sharp broom sticks or perhaps his fantasy is to rimjob Lucifer himself ?

In a recent email I received this….

“Boston Chickie complains about the Vaughn reporting system not working. She has tried numerous times to report King BK for death threats all to no avail.”

~ Boston Chickie dealing with death threats~

I know B Chickie won’t like this but it was on your cast and someone did record it. Sorry dear no hard feelings ?

Thanks for the vids

~BK Whopper has FCK eyes~

More of BK talking incoherent nonsense but that’s what we expect from this loon.

Perhaps even Daryl’s had enough ?

Thanks for the vids