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After being bullied on Vaughn live openly by Jessica and whining to Mark about not getting her way with other casters JackieLee made the move to Kick several months ago. Does anyone care ? I sure don’t, I say good riddance to the whiner.

But even away from the toxic Vaughn live site JackieLee continues to whine and cry about it. I can’t help but think to myself in another 80yrs we may be looking at Jessica’s future self.

Ohh btw this isn’t the first time Jackie has run off crying with his cawk tucked in between his thin pasty brittle legs. Grow up old man, you may dream of having a pussy but instead you act like one.

~ Jackie plays the trans card, Mark Vaughn hates trans~

Thanks for both vids

~Jackie prefers Bob as a tranny than Samosky~

I’m still awaiting your “twin brother” to show up on a side by side cast right next to you Jackie…LOL.

All credit to iRodney who recorded this video to Liklik for casting it and KnurledNut who made the graphic image used on this post.

~It’s classic Jessica with don’t do as I do but do as I say!~

Listen on how humpa lumpa head takes control over Jackie’s cast on skype and demands that Jackie NOT TAKE iRod’s calls. Jessica even goes as far as to demands that IF iRod should insult Jessica that Jackie should hang up on him….Classic control from dear Jessica who is an outspoken advocate for “FREE SPEECH”...

~”FREEDOM OF SPEECH” says Jessica~

~Now the video~

The alluring internet goddess of casting is once again residing at her rightful domain.

For those of you who remember, Jackie has always had an off an on relationship with the Vaughns so my question is how long will this honeymoon period last until Jackie abandons VL an scurries back to Ivlog home of the Cr3am ?

And by the way, why is Jackie no longer casting on Ivlog ?

Was the garden of Cr3am too sour for Jackie’s delicate palette ?


I just placed up the post and another caster has once again joined the VL crew. You may recall Adam from years past, seems he’s back.

I’m wondering if this is due to the NEW reinstated guests ?

As more and more folks are being urged to stay home a few out there have decided to get back to casting.

Thanks BanannaLover

After weeks of being hidden away the incomparable JackieLee keeper of knowledge and all things informative, has returned. But I found out that Jackie has been back for the last two weeks. Did anyone notice ?

Don’t worry Jackie no one will find you on SmashCast ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

With only two viewers and a grand total of sixty so far, it’s going to be a long and lonely cast for the lovely diva. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Another one of our favorite casters, perhaps you may remember him ? Hipperz, the soulful searching and ever loving man of god. The Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and part time nudist has finally returned to Ivlog.

After a brief BAN for threatening to KILL Ben, he returns only to cast to a legion of one..Himself.. It’s so refreshing to see a caster sit there for hours only to entertain himself with incoherent sentences that lead to no where except with the occasional “I LOVE YOU”...and the always popular “DIE DIE DIE”

A true visionary and social entertainer. He’s like watching paint dry on a wall, but in a good way. ┌∩┐(>_<)┌∩┐

And of course who could forget the lovable Mae ?

The anus that squirted out her love and wonderful intoxicating nature has once again decided to cast on Ivlog. Lets hope Mae isn’t’ feeling so puckered and anal this time around.