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In an email that reads….๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿฟ

“Bobb complains about being reported on Twitch; while streaming on Kick. Then he gets a nasty gram from a Kick moderator, live on Kick. Also while Live on Kick, he preps for his upcoming transgender appearance on the Jackielee show”

Now the old fella is whining on KICK ?

Bobb manages to jump from site to site crying the same sad story…How silly, yet he keeps managing to commit the same issues that get him banned from every site. Gee I wonder why ?…Can you say S…L…O….W ?

Thank you for the vid, great stuff.

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy..Hahahahahaahhahahahaahhahahahaha..

The so called Mensa, ex marine. Who’s so well known for spewing viscous hate and wishing death on so many has been suspended from a gaming site dedicated to teenagers LOL. How funny is that ?

So long Bobb perhaps your dues are coming hard and fast right back at you ? Whatcha gonna do now Bobb cry about suing Twitch ? LOL… Go on cry for us…. OOOhhh I know you’ll go hang out on Kick with Jackie LOL and the other teenagers.

You live by the sword, you die by the sword. All pun intended.

What we have here is a typical example of when a caster/troll is bettered and beaten by someone he feels is inferior, he/she then cries foul and runs to the law for help.

Taken right out of the pages of such troll mega cry babies seeking legal help or restitution for being exposed or bettered online such as Sam Friedman…Crabz (Raphael Garcia) …Jessica….Adam Paul Stuart Browne…Warren Bucks and Whirlwind Eric Samosky…..And now we have Bobb….

At the heart of the matter are two legal cases before the courts both claim their rights have been violated by social media giants for allowing information to be viewed by terrorist organizations….The links are down below. So in other words Bob feels Liklik could be considered a “TERRORIST” organization who is now threatening his safety by publicly doxing him on his cast. He feels Mark Vaughn should be held liable for any harm or damages that come his way.. You think I’m making this up view the video.

Tanks for the video used here.

My thoughts…..Bob maybe do yourself a favor stop crying and get off line, you have a sordid history that goes back for years of trolling many others with vile death threats and have been banned from both casting sites such as Ivlog and Vaughn live. Suck it up and man up you weak lil snowflake.

Anyone who has a heads up over this legal section 230 drop me a line. Appreciate it.


Of course with our latest juicy bit of gossip implicating our sweet innocent Jessica, she can’t afford to bend over or even breathe now without someone asking about the Bobb pizza gate fiasco…But then again she earned it not to mention being guilty as sin… Please let’s not be stupid here but if you are here’s more video proof.

Remember dear Jessica you can FOOL some of the people some of the time but you can’t FOOL all the people all of the time.. You’re busted.

“Someone called โ€ Aliciarussia,โ€ asks the right questions please check what she asks with that Jessica double downs more proof ha!!

Sooner or later Jessica you’ll see.

Tanks to the Inspector for this one.

All credit to InspectorMoorse, SAM and another individual for revealing the hidden truth about Jessica sending pizza to Bob’s home.

At the bottom of this post I’ve placed up a short video highlighting some of the conversation that took place, the reason for this was to PROOVE that the screen grabs are not photoshoped or altered in any way but the real authentic deal.

How interesting Jessica cant’ recall a lot of things when she’s placed on the spot, her selective memory is astounding. She needs to have the facts rehashed to her.

Jessica claims Bob and her are good friends now LOL…. Oh joy poor Bob LOL.

Even with Jessica’s failing short term memory she seems to recall that it wasn’t Dominoes or Pizza Hut that was called to Bob’s home.

And Jessica is good enough to owe up to sending Bob pizzas LOL.. Can’t make this shit up.

Final thoughts…. Jessica dear your selective memory may save you from the simple minded cock roaches and mediocre beta types like SAM…MadDog and Crabz but I and many others have the truth on what you were responsible for… I just hope someone sends this link to Jackielee and Bob, maybe Jack can finally remove his empty head from his stuffed ass ?

Let’s hope these half wits finally see the truth.