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I cannot confirm or deny as to whom this boob pic belongs to, but seems several of you out there claim that the boobs belong to a [VL] caster known as Bambi Chakra.It’s not the first time accusations of Bambi’s sexual exploits have caught our ears and eyes, not so long ago a glory hole porn video featuring a young woman fitting much the description of Bambi surfaced. In this video the woman sat before a hole in the wall where some dudes willy was protruding this same female then proceeds to orally services the male as she makes comments to the camera. Again so WE are all clear I cannot confirm or deny THAT said video, to be honest I didn’t think it was Bambi to begin with but then I could be wrong. All credit to Topcat for the boob pic. Top cat you really do get around lmao.


Seems I may have been a little too hasty and didn’t’ check my own files, so with my deepest apologies and some NEW pic enjoy.