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A wise monkey once said “You can’t make this shit up”ย ๐Ÿ’ย So on the heels of the previous post came one comment that mad me laugh out loud.

myfakename: “Shawnio ip and darren sayward have nothing better to do, then make fun of people using fake names. darren if you canโ€™t make a post just make fake names and fake posts”

And no truer words were ever spoken infact this isn’t the first time such lies have been created in our blessed names, do you remember the FAKE Lardo video where they claimed he states it’s ok to have sex with a 15 year old ?ย ย 

Fake EDITED videos from UKMuppets and Adam Paul Stuart Browne… the TRUTH they both don’t want you to know

I’m sure those idiots would like everyone to forget that major UK embarrassment, even Adam Paul Stuart Browne the registered lying SEX offender no longer blows that false horn.

And of course who could forget this FALSE accusation of “CHILD PORN images” found on this blog ???

The Baldick The Guilty Homophob and The Desperate Projector in Denial

As I again clearly dissected the LIES and exposed that group and it’s allegations. This was brought on by sub intelligent intoxicated individuals spewing desperation and rage. You’re out of your league Darren go suck back another pint of beer an wish on some teen girl to show you attention.Notice how everything seems to go all hush hush and they change to something else when I expose their LIES ?ย  The reason for that is they look completely ridiculous, so they then try and create more LIES to cover up the previous LIES they have just been exposed for.

You can’t make this shit up….No really you can’t.ย ๐Ÿ™Šย ๐Ÿ’

But when all else fails simply repeat yourself like so…Are you mad…Are you mad….Are you mad ?…..Yeah you’re mad. Well are you mad ?

So after repeating that over and over and over the next best sensible step is to swarm me with 20 to 200 angry threats and comments, and then AGAIN remind me how angry I am…Are you mad ? Yeah you’re mad. Holy moly and to once think trolling was such an art form only a few years ago, glad I retired when I did.ย ๐Ÿ’ย And there you have it when one of your own have to state the obvious in your own chat you know things are dire indeed.

Oh btw …..Are you mad ….are you mad ???ย 







Recently I have received numerous comments about that other unnamed blog, you know the one with those cry baby pedo victims being investigated.

“The people at UKmuppets are seriously sick people. Non-stop talk about this blog. Even impersonating the people here. Spamming every shoutbox too”

“Thatโ€™s what the people that got exposed from UKMuppets do all day every day is repeat the same crap with the same crap pictures. Hoping people will believe their lying bullshit fake shit”

But this time around I was informed of something different, and it reeked of pure desperation and anger mixed in with a lot of juvenile trolling.

Click on the image above for a larger view.

The above image for example is the typical crap that is constantly being orchestrated in a certain blog that we had informed you of back in May 2017. Certain individuals there have taken to creating FAKE names pretending to be either Lardo or myself but on this day it was JStevio they decided to emulate.ย  In poor fashion they makeย  FALSE THREATS in hopes of creating misdirection so that those who are watching become confused and misinformed, however make no mistake about it THAT IS NOT THE REAL JSTEVIO.ย The reason for this triggered backlash was a recent Sunday Ivlog cast where JStevio made references to certain people having their FREEDOM soon EXPIRE, and face the legal consequences for their online criminal actions. I have that 3hour video cast and I’ll be publishing it soon.

But even I have taken it upon myself by fueling the fire and placing up my own vague post you may recall simply entitled “AN UPDATE”

It had the exact desired effect that was expected in other words BINGO we hit the nail on the head. Just remember.I may call upon my nanny for my diaper to be changed.



I was handed the screen grabs dating back from Jan 2018 after being informed of not only the child sex talk that was spewing from that other blog, but of the hateful racist comments that were emanating from that same place. All I can do is wonder at what emotional disease makes such hate exist. This time around the hate was thrown towards Lardo as they suspect he may be a Jew, imagine what these individuals daily lives are truly like ?As most of you now know or have to come to realize the decision to close off our chat was largely due to this type of behavior as those same individuals would spew similar hate in our chat claiming that they were part of our blog when in truth they were not. They would hide behind FAKE ip address and FAKE names in hopes of damaging our chat and blog.

Their blog continues to spiral out of control like some frenzied rabid animal that needs to be put down for good.

I wonder what’s next Ku Klux Klan and white supremacist threats directed towards ethnic minorities. ? From the 200+ child sex comments a day, to racist hateful anti semitic slurs that blog remains diseased as the brains that spit out those type of comments.

We know WHO and WHAT they are, no turning back now.