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No idea as to what was going on, but from what we can tell in the video it would seem both Yetta and Daryl be arguing!

And here I was under the impression everyone was super happy in Vaughn live land ????

Tanks for the vid.

Nooooooowwwww this isn’t a topic I thought I’d ever be covering on this blog but thanks to dear Karen…..well considered it now covered.

Karen has somehow created the illusion in her mind that she could help Mark Vaughn make money with her piss pads…Personally I haven’t a clue on how this would work so you figure it out.

Between her drunken angry wine venting Karen manages to somehow keep it together with telling Daryl the sites admin to “FCK OFF”. It’s something out of a bad soap opera or some cheesy Youtube vid… But hey it’s Karen <3.

Thanks for the video

If you have 20min to kill without turning you into an alcoholic ..Enjoy.


Ohhhhhhhhhhh my lord, I knew it.. I knew it…. I knew it… ◔◡◉ .. ⊂◉‿◉つ

Thank you for the screen grabs

I knew I could get him heated enough to squirm like a worm for me…Hell I am that good……………. \(^○^)人(^○^)/


The post that got Adumbs all hawt in da pants..CLICK the link below.

Hey Adumb SUCK on this.

As promised the 3 vids of a cast where it’s admitted by Scruffy that Mark made numerous purchases such as laptops and computer parts for various casters. And we always wondered why certain “Scrag” members were given SPECIAL PRIVILEGES huh ??? Naaaawwwwwwwwwwww NO way there can’t be any favoritism on Vaughn right ? ..NOOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY.

But let’s face it we all knew other wise didn’t we. Funny how all the wolves have now turned on one another and once again the truth makes it’s way to the surface. Maybe it was Gods will ?

All credit and thank you to In Your Face for the videos.



Years ago when I first arrived at Vaughn The Dog Pound was perhaps the first channel I would go to listen to tunes an chat, good to be receiving this video today. All credit to a friend of the blog for this post.

And the reason for this video was due to one of the Pounds viewers going over to Tech Corner with a simple question concerning her video taking so long to download and that started something that I had to smile at. 

Now if you’re paying close attention you would already see where the viewers “OFFENSE” has taken place and that’s with the use of AD BLOCK on her browser. This lil extension prohibits annoying ads and pop vids from playing, however by committing this heinous crime you directly prevent the Vaughn’s from making money on their site and that’s a BIG NO NO. So in other words if you really wish to KICK the Vaughn’s in the ass add AD BLOCK to your browser, it DOES NOT SLOW DOWN or in ANY WAY HINDER WATCHING ANY SITE. Any site owner that tells you other wise is lying to you.

I have placed the entire 4 page conversation in video form.

As you can see Daryl lashes out at this particular viewer and Mark goes completely silent after they both realize the viewer uses AD BLOCK. To me this is comical and I had to laugh by witnessing the anger swell up into Mark must have been hilarious.

I’m confused at to the purpose of this “tech corner” ….If viewers with question go to seek help for their technical issues, WHY verbally abuse them while the site owners just sits there not saying a word ???????? ( LAUGHS to self)

So remember this is the site that BEGS for it’s viewers to pay out the $14.99 for the beloved VIP….I wonder why people pay for VIP, just download AD BLOCK it’s FREE lol