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Sent in some time today in the form of an email….Seems someone isn’t pleased with my handsome ex online lover.

“To the best caster of vaughn, NOT
even after he’s told by people that his stream is crappier to paradise’s technology he just ignores montrealkaren
I remember when faroe had the best wadio and wideo on vaughn.  I guess no more.
Vaughn needs to make a new category for video game freaks, they have no place in people chat.
Attachment “

Thanks for the email and screens shots.

The blow back after the recent cast were it was stated that the rapist registered sex offender offered tech help with someone’s pc. That so called tech help was declined and it’s made some sad tender snow flake rather salty. Thanks for this video used on this post.

This shit fest is gonna be a long one so get the popcorn.

As the usual idiots have their 2 cents worth in this masterpiece of nonsense, but what makes it filthy funny are the out right lies this group feed one another especially coming from Adumb and Jessica. You have to see it to believe it.

If the day should ever arrive that either Jessica dumb cunt or Adumb rapist the retard sex offender find it within themselves to tell the truth is the day I shut this blog down…..

In the second video I found it odd as Glen states that Adumb has seen his social security number as well as his credit card information and the sex offender has full complete access to his computer.

And that’s pretty much what I said in the previous post so why did Glen just repeat what I said, how would I know such things ?

Makes you wonder, think about it…..

~Glen on Faroe~

The irony here was too much for me to handle as this cluster fck ass clown Glen who has literally spent over an hour informing everyone to not come to this blog and totally dismissing us, now informs everyone that HE himself watches this blog and likes to watch Faroe videos.

Hell his whole god damn chat watches this blog HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

So today was but another chapter in the Frank being from banned from Vaughn saga, as Faroe now decides to recast Frank in similar fashion just like Frank did to another caster mere days ago.

Here is Faroe the mighty king of used condoms and gentle soft hand jobs giving his 2 cents on Frank being somewhat of a sore caster.

Dunno about you but I’d like to see both of em naked in a pool of jello wrestling for humpa lumpa’s hand in marriage. You know who I mean.

Even BK had a jab at Paradice and Frank.

Frank (crabz) blames Faroe for reporting him to the site owners for having images of children from sitcoms on his cast, and that’s why Frank was banned. But listen to Frank frustrated over the fact that other casters are now allowed to recast him. His logic is childish and completely one sided very much like what’s her face “mess with the tiger you get the horns” person.

Why do all these dumb ass casters sound so similar when they bark and cry ?

Seriously Crapz how can you complain about what’s been done to you when you did the exact same thing days ago ?

I figured this is how we should end the weekend with more exposure. Saturday afternoon I received an email that read.

“So Jessica is telling people on ivlog today how Vaughn should be run….she thinks they should get involved in personal disputes, and unban all lol”

Lies with a fork tongue and claims innocence.

I knew eventually this would take place as we now have the evil horny Baldick venting her frustration over what Mark Vaughn refuse to do, and that’s get involved with personal disputes and STOP or BAN Faroe from expressing his FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

You may recall at some point during the week Mark Vaughn himself entered Faroe’s cast to state his position on TOS.. NOT being broken.

And let’s face it we all know this infuriated both Jessica and her sex offender friend to no end…FREEDOM OF SPEECH…right Jessica ?

Jessica and her 3 gimpy legion of losers were dealt a crushing blow after begging Mark to ban Faore and prevent the avalanche of truth from being blasted all over the internet.

Licking her wounds and feeling extra horny after being continuously smashed up along side her head, the evil Baldick retreats to Ivlog to spew her frustration at Mark Vaughn and his unbiased decision.

Here you have the whiny horny Baldick crying that the Vaughns should become involved in personal disputes. … Meaning: Help me Mark Vaughn and STOP Faroe from EXPOSING Adumb as a SEX OFFENDER..Please do something this is so humiliating for us and we’re begging you to make it stop….PLEASE.

Yeah I know LOL
So one minute we have the Baldick making demands the next she cries FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

She even whines as a copy cat name (Jessicaisawitch22) trolled tech corner…Oh gosh how horrific 911 make a report to the FBI.

And then she blames the entire country for it…NO JOKE LMAO.

This has now become LAW. August 29th 2020

So basically we have this idiot Jessica who feels some how entitled that wherever she goes that all must bow down before her and jump to whatever tune spews from her ass. She bellyaches all over the internet ordering folks with her demands and making reports on anything she feels upsets her. When not getting her way she then goes to another site crying and blubbering and the toxic cycle continues.

One more thing Jessica you single brain celled moron you do realize you’re complaining on the same site (Ivlog) that Adumb shit all over right ???


Thanks to everyone who sent in a screen grab used on this pot.