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All videos place on this post were recorded from Dec 29th 2022.

In a recent email it reads……..“Faroe gets threatened by a Scottish druggie and he also laments that Jessica never goes to his casts anymore. This Scottish bloke is bitter”


I’m afraid the flip flopping has once again commenced as our most beloved flip flopper Faroe had this to say concerning Jessica and the possible reasons for not visiting his cast……

~Faroe not telling the truth caught in his own lies~

Begging and whining for Jessica’s presence in his cast he then begins to spin his own lies by revealing that he never said anything to myself nor did he provide me with any material on Jessica or spread any negativity.

However guests have a different take and know the truth.

In case you’re wondering I’m the guest below (28964015640) calling Faroe out. Faroe baby can you say “BUSTED”.

After listening to Faroe spin tales on how he never sent me any material or slandered Jessica, I finally reveal myself to his chat…This is what took place. Take note on how Faroe eventually refuses to answer me by playing dumb and blind to my questions.

Final thoughts……Faroe you remind me of another fairy tail spinner who I also caught red handed with a fork tongue, too many such as yourself with no loyalty or allegiance. The difference with you is I never expected anything better. Nothing gained nothing lost.