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I figured this is how we should end the weekend with more exposure. Saturday afternoon I received an email that read.

“So Jessica is telling people on ivlog today how Vaughn should be run….she thinks they should get involved in personal disputes, and unban all lol”

Lies with a fork tongue and claims innocence.

I knew eventually this would take place as we now have the evil horny Baldick venting her frustration over what Mark Vaughn refuse to do, and that’s get involved with personal disputes and STOP or BAN Faroe from expressing his FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

You may recall at some point during the week Mark Vaughn himself entered Faroe’s cast to state his position on TOS.. NOT being broken.

And let’s face it we all know this infuriated both Jessica and her sex offender friend to no end…FREEDOM OF SPEECH…right Jessica ?

Jessica and her 3 gimpy legion of losers were dealt a crushing blow after begging Mark to ban Faore and prevent the avalanche of truth from being blasted all over the internet.

Licking her wounds and feeling extra horny after being continuously smashed up along side her head, the evil Baldick retreats to Ivlog to spew her frustration at Mark Vaughn and his unbiased decision.

Here you have the whiny horny Baldick crying that the Vaughns should become involved in personal disputes. … Meaning: Help me Mark Vaughn and STOP Faroe from EXPOSING Adumb as a SEX OFFENDER..Please do something this is so humiliating for us and we’re begging you to make it stop….PLEASE.

Yeah I know LOL
So one minute we have the Baldick making demands the next she cries FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

She even whines as a copy cat name (Jessicaisawitch22) trolled tech corner…Oh gosh how horrific 911 make a report to the FBI.

And then she blames the entire country for it…NO JOKE LMAO.

This has now become LAW. August 29th 2020

So basically we have this idiot Jessica who feels some how entitled that wherever she goes that all must bow down before her and jump to whatever tune spews from her ass. She bellyaches all over the internet ordering folks with her demands and making reports on anything she feels upsets her. When not getting her way she then goes to another site crying and blubbering and the toxic cycle continues.

One more thing Jessica you single brain celled moron you do realize you’re complaining on the same site (Ivlog) that Adumb shit all over right ???


Thanks to everyone who sent in a screen grab used on this pot.

As some places around the world are slowly now lifting the ban from the covid19 virus. Shops.. beaches and parks are now becoming available to the general public. And some folks are going all out.

But first our dear innocent Jessica had to repaint her car. No idea how that odd light above her head appeared from no where.
Then is was off for some supplies.

Standing alone and waiting was Shawnio, so she brought him along as he locked up his bike for safe keeping.

Along the way she had to get some gas. Lucky for Jessica she doesn’t smoke.

But no worries Jessica had her own security system, now one one will ever steal her car keys again.

It was decided they’d go riding on the quad bike, so they strapped it to the back.

They found Darren trying to pick up the shattered pieces of his blog and life.

They stopped off at Jessica’s place for lunch before the long ride.
Once there she felt trapped and decided the floor needed to be done.

They changed their minds and felt there was much more interesting things to watch on Vaughn live.

And that was the weekend folks, be safe and wash your feet often.

An assortment of all sorts of nonsense, some may be recent some I have no clue. Thanks to those for the images.

Jackie Lee is still missing and presumed to no longer exist. May have to do with being Doxed ?
Vaughn live had some naughty porn playing early this morning, and Merman had only 1 thing on his mind and it wasn’t cats.
“Hey those who didn’t know the carnivorous virus can live in your stool as well, so people think breathing the air is dangerous try sharing a bathroom with someone who does not flush ”

Am I over analyzing or is Jessica letting us know that certain family members of her household do not flush or is this some form of admittance of guilt ???

I personally enjoy soft padding to my stool, makes my delicate bum feel safe.
I cannot confirm or deny but it was explained to me that this may be Marauder and a male companion, perhaps a family member who followed her home ?
From what I was told when Freethrow isn’t sending out his willy pic he does part time modeling in his bathroom. However recently he’s decided to come out and share his personal experience with a public announcement, that this is the new Freethrow complete with sex change and a brand new mangina….Congratulations on the penis removal.

Personally I’ve never seen him look better. He needs to sign up with a model agency.

Faroe admits to ddosing Ivlog

A recent Thursday night Faroe rant had him going off for several hours, as he was fuming over the fact one of his DLive gaming friends removed him from the Fortnight group and the other refused to play with him. Someone should play with him.

The email sent stated..

“Thought I’d send you some material, Faroe is describing sex acts among men not being gay lmfao yeah okay… “

And if that were it then I’d be content and that would be fine….however.

My issue with the video is the fact that some one has gone out of their way by attempting to mislead me into believing that the video was recorded by LilPunk….and it isn’t. Now I have no love for LilP nor her simple minded tracked religion to her egocentric deity site owner with his thumb rings however it will never be my intention to place false content to this blog.

A blog is only as good as it’s last post, and that post only as good as the content. I try to the best of my ability to place honest content as it is, NOT how one wishes to create it. Yes from time to time I may embellish a video with sounds, whistles and effects but that’s for comical effect. But to purposely mislead the viewer is a NO NO to try and mislead ME is a MISTAKE.

Now as stated in the above this video was NOT recorded by LilPunk….You can decide for yourself as to the content of the video and Faroe’s sexually charged misguided comments. For the record Faroe has stated numerous times in Vaughn that he did like men a little bit so as far as I’m concerned no big news here. Let’s face it Faroe is an idiot.

To the lil Missy Mouse …WINK WINK….who sent me the video…DEAR <3…..Please for future reference try to refrain from those that misguide and use you to do their bidding. You are simply being used as a pawn to further spread their anger against those who have banned them from Ivlog (LilPunk). Now I strongly suggest you read THY BIBLE and learn from THY mistakes, I shall be addressing such ungodliness in my next sermon…amen.

I’d like to thank those for the screen grabs of what has become social medias dirty sweaty armpit….. Ivlog.

The below image of Hardwood holding up a cat exposing it’s backside was sent into me about a day or so ago. I haven’t a clue as to what was going on here so I wont elaborate further. However upon closer inspection it may look like he has his finger where it shouldn’t be. Not sure.

An email sent to me last night with the words …“Faroe & Jessica sure are some strange bedfellows.”Wasn’t it last week Jessica had her cast on Ivlog’s casters of the year for 2018 and joked that she was thrilled Faroe hadn’t won ?  Can you say bedfellows ?

I think these two were meant for one another brought on by some spiritual intergalactic mental institution that hands out meth filled twinkies.

Some fun silly stuff sent in however from my end alot of head shaking and head scratching …What’s going on with folks now a days ??