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I cannot confirm or deny the image on this post, but holy hell mother of GAWD he’s as sexy as he is ugly..I really mean that. All credit to our friend for this lovely …..moment captured in time ? ❤

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Brings back some sweet mammaries.

As of late the topic of what took place on Vaughn several years ago has been a rather touchy subject, there are those that claim their hands were clean like the Vaughns and that certain events never took place. Then there are others such as Bubba who claim otherwise and are willing to reveal their part.

Whether you agree with Bubba or not one thing is for certain it can’t be denied that for three whole days I and many others did indeed witness the verbal abuse that was allowed to take place..mocking the death of baby and finding humor in this on Vaughn live.

You may ask yourself why would I allow this video to be played ?

Well for a number of reasons…It sheds light on certain individuals like the Vaughns but as well as Bubba…Gamergirl and Hardwood as well as their roles in this disgusting mess.

Because at the end of it all regardless whether this child story were a hoax or not in my opinion there’s never room or reason to mock the death of a child….never.

Some of you may be unaware of what was allowed to take place back then on that faithful weekend, so here’s the link.

All credit and thank you to InYourFace for this latest post.

Well who would of thought the unwashed caster is a Grampa ?

You know what I could tear him a new hole just for the 3 days he mocked the death of a baby and slammed Oma with those dead baby jokes on Vaughn live, but you know what ???

Let FATE take care of him maybe he might learn something, providing he can actually learn.

Just click on the above image if you have trouble seeing what’s written.

On the flip side don’t you just love the not so bright …….naw I’ll let it pass maybe next time some of those out there may wish to consider helping a family with children or a single mom with babies on Christmas or Thanksgiving, perhaps consider donating or helping out at a seniors home instead of sending cash to an individual who throws cats around during his cast. Funny how the self righteous dope heads call us the “Hate blog.”