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It’s that time of year again as the Ebeggars and their sticky hand outs make their rounds one by one… Btw I’m waiting for Frank Taylor if anyone has any NEWS on him give me a ring.

Ben is requesting cash for his sister and her family ?

Thanks for the screen grabs πŸŽ…

Now before anyone jumps down my throat calling me a Grinchmonkey with it being Christmas an all, let me take you on a lil journey down memory lane with Ben’s Ebegging past.

It all started about 20yrs ago on Facebook…..and it has progressed up until recently …. But I will say this it isn’t the first time Ben has asked for money do you recall when he asked for $682.09 to fix his car for a Walmart job that was 19 mils away. But it turned out the cash was for his sister’s car and not a job ?….. If you click on the links you can pretty much see it all for yourself. No need for me to repeat what’s already been said before. ENJOY.

Oh and be well and Merry Christmas Ben you lazy son of a bitch. πŸ’

This must be every mans fantasy lol…..However it could’ve been far worse and Ben may have found himself married to her or had children with this delightful lady of the night. Ohh la laaaaaaaaaa

Luckily for him a jar with some change and some pills were taken.

Thanks for the video.

“Don’t trust a whore, never trust a whore, won’t trust a whore.”

In an email sent to me last night that read.

“KYpoopy asking BenInOhio to get him a date with a Boy On a Bike”

Since I know the sender as a reliable source I decided to use the info.

I asked around to see if I could get any clarification on the matter or anything to add or even if this type of issue has arisen before. So far this is it. I was informed KY maybe a bit off in the head and could be heavily drinking

So you can decide if the comment was in jest or do we need to chop his nuts off ? Either way I do feel we need a good public sodomizing.


This bottom piece was sent in last Sat.

“Tech hide as VIP”

I cannot confirm but it may be true that Vaughn has secretly kidnapped a new tech person.

Thank you for the screen grabs.

I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. Seems to be Ben’s life story. Cry cry …fart fart.

paypal me $780 and he’s doing this on Ivlog ????

I’ve known paraplegics and blind folk who have more spirit and spine then Ben could ever muster. He’s so whinny and soft, something tells me toilet paper bruises his fragile lily white skin. God forbid a falling leaf ever land on him and crush him to pieces.

Ben always seeking sympathy

Do you recall the time he had several pairs of testicles lodged so deep in his throat that doctors had to removed them with an operation. Ben then decided he’d rather keep them in a glass jar for fond memories.

He sucked so hard he nearly blew his ass out.