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In an email sent to me last night that read.

“KYpoopy asking BenInOhio to get him a date with a Boy On a Bike”

Since I know the sender as a reliable source I decided to use the info.

I asked around to see if I could get any clarification on the matter or anything to add or even if this type of issue has arisen before. So far this is it. I was informed KY maybe a bit off in the head and could be heavily drinking

So you can decide if the comment was in jest or do we need to chop his nuts off ? Either way I do feel we need a good public sodomizing.


This bottom piece was sent in last Sat.

“Tech hide as VIP”

I cannot confirm but it may be true that Vaughn has secretly kidnapped a new tech person.

Thank you for the screen grabs.

I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. I want.. Seems to be Ben’s life story. Cry cry …fart fart.

paypal me $780 and he’s doing this on Ivlog ????

I’ve known paraplegics and blind folk who have more spirit and spine then Ben could ever muster. He’s so whinny and soft, something tells me toilet paper bruises his fragile lily white skin. God forbid a falling leaf ever land on him and crush him to pieces.

Ben always seeking sympathy

Do you recall the time he had several pairs of testicles lodged so deep in his throat that doctors had to removed them with an operation. Ben then decided he’d rather keep them in a glass jar for fond memories.

He sucked so hard he nearly blew his ass out.

For some of us food or toilet paper may be the the necessities that we may hope for, but for Ben it’s an old fashion country glory hole. (((0)))

So we here at plan to try and deliver that wish to Ben, but due to social distancing and an extremely tight budget. This may take time, I personally have contacted a dry wall contractor and have laid out the plans for this mouth watering glory hole.

With hours of planning and weeks of work, so far we have this.

Until then I hope Ben can enjoy this image. Hope it brings him much pleasure. And when that glory hole project is finally complete I hope to see Ben suck his way to legendary status..It’s all for you Ben <3.

And remember wash your hands.

Thanks for the screen grab.

The screen grabs say it all, and thank you for them.

Ben replies.

I do hope these two passionate love birds can work out their differences and one day meet for a love encounter of epic proportions. If they do I hope they send in any videos or pic. Oh and one more thing try and keep it clean, thanks.

But Bens been a busy one as of late, it recently came to my attention that he may have rustled Hipperzz feathers to the point Hipz wished DEATH upon Ben resulting in his BAN from SquirtVlog.