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The post is not meant to be taken literally, or is it. Perhaps it’s a blend of both FACT and FICTION ?

The striking resemblance of these Billy look a likes is astounding and of course it cannot be denied but are they real or is this a trick of the Alien Illuminati Breeding Program for mentally retarded clones ?

The Billy on the left (William R Lester) is said to be an alien clone from the distant future. When not playing electrifying guitar rifts and creating web sites, some say he supervises upgrading the internet and working along side the dark mysterious Illuminati in perfecting GOOGLE.

The Billy on the right (Billy Farnum) ?….. Well……Lets just say he slit his own throat after it was discovered he was living with bodies of his dead family members in Long Island.

During his off days Billy Lester (Billy be bad) can be found casting on Vaughn live and teaching Eddie Van Halen guitar licks while reveling in his pretend sexual exploits with CAM4 super models as he finds himself in financial debt having to pay out large sums of cash to satisfy his internet lustful dream lovers.

When casting he sits alone in the dark and can be heard pleasuring himself while rambling about nothing in particular.

He rose from the dead and bullets would not strike him. It’s a FACT.

Here on the bottom video he tells the tale during an arrest on how he warned the police that he would shoot them if they decided to enter his home.


Anyone wanting more on this elusive mind boggling genius Billy be bad aka (William R Lester)may wish to take a look at previous posts.


Now my intention was to place this post up last night as a comical piece, but due to my on going work with helping Shawnio find shelters for him to sleep in and keep warm during the harsh Canadian winters or helping him locate free WIFI for him to troll with I’ve just been busy. Now we won’t mention any of this or the fact that other blog (hush hush) upsets him so. Nope I shall keep this all to myself and PROMISE I won’t say a WORD to anyone…pinky swear. So with that being said on with the post.

Here we have Billybebad an Ivlog caster I’ve done several posts on before, claiming some sort of LEGAL blah blah in regards to VIOLATING HIM and possible RAMIFICATIONS. Sounds completely anal and somewhat sordid it’s possible an oily phallus object may have been used for deep penetration I wont elaborate on this except to say this video was recorded sometime in 2018 and thank you to the person who sent it in to me.

However as usual this fountain of intellectual liquid feces spews his ongoing views on Mark Vaughn not paying him for his work on the site a possible (25k) in lost wages…lol

But the juicy stuff doesn’t arrive until the almost end part of the vid, say about 6:56 where Billy states ” Scuttles you ain’t got nothing on me”

And get this I’m WANTED in 7 or 8 different states in the US for 🐒  HARASSMENT CHARGES and CRIMINAL behavior, damn I’m going down man this is NO JOKE lol. He then goes on to say at any given time he could easily hack his way into the blog and type a few numbers under a CODE and we would be at his mercy. 🐒

Keep in mind I’ve labeled this PART 1 for a reason, remember we have NOTHING on Billy and his so called claims of my legal plight have now been exposed…hahahahahahaah.

In PART 2 all will be revealed and by now whether you be Shawnio…Sean Cleary…David Bawden….Darren Sayward….David Blount and many many more..


A few of you may know I have a sweet spot for guitar solos, but as of recently one of you out there decide to drop me an incredible find right on my lap. He goes by the name Billy Bebad a NEW VL guitar sensation virtuoso. When I first heard this master of the 6 string sting I was blown away and left on the floor almost in tears, when I came to I knew right then and there I needed to blog this guitar god right here for the world to witness his mad finger skills.

All credit to one of his mods for this unknown raw talent.

The video above has Billy actually giving FREE guitar lessons and his most cherished secret guitar licks. Most of you don’t know this but Billy has tutored Eddie VanHalen in his finger tapping techniques that would mystify and memorize most…….Due to Billy’s influence he has taken the once obscure Eddie VanHalen guitar player to world renowned super rock stardom

In the above video Billy actually plays the Eddie Van Halen signature guitar solo “ERUPTION”……………..




All credit to a friend of the blogs for this  ANGRY yet insightful look into the true mechanical workings of Vaughnlive.

A quote….

“Billypeeps self appointed part Vaughnlive owner (in his own mind) and one of Marks secret master coders who allegedly coded much of Vaughn live, had a Friday night rant as to why Vaughn site so is laggy. All the while he was casting and watching “My Free Cams”, he also built the my free cams site”………And word on the street is he actually created the internet.

I kid you not…..This may EXPLAIN a lot of peculiar things we never knew ..hahahahahahaha

The MAN….the LEGEND…the CREATOR of the INTERNET and Vaughnlive….With his very first post ever……I give you BILLYPOOPS.