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In an email that reads……

“I was so pleased to realize Nellie has broken his mixing desk! $1000 down the loo where his head should be also, You had one job and you failed at that you baldy nonzey chops Here is it falling down the back of the table along with it drenched in wine hahahahaha it could not have happened to a more bigger ASSHOLE Glasgow ghoul like YOU! “

~Nellie the drunken idiot~

~Who stole Rick Berry’s garden ?~

Seriously how does one steal another’s garden ?

You may recall Rick Berry the scum bag goof who’s husband now spends time in a Birmingham prison for sexually assaulting autistic children. Well it would appear that there are others who haven’t forgotten and they have Rick’s number.. and his garden.

Seriously can’t make this shit up……. These two idiots are a comedy team.

This video is from several months ago but what some may find of interest is that Chris claims his pc was hacked and therefore Menellie could load childporn on to Chris’s hard drive.

Am I saying Chris is innocent ? …No… all I’m saying is that there are those of us who have always maintained the belief that Menellie played a far greater role in this mess and somehow has walked away with clean hands…..He’s far dirtier than most realize.

All credit to Warwick Davis for the vid.

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know the full truth about these two. You’ll just have to place trust in your own heart.

I’m being informed that this is another one of Menellies creepy pedo online friends, the shit show you are about to hear is between father and son, James being the father Jack being the son.

Menellie has defended Jack in the past but here is a recorded audio in discord with Jack and his father James admitting that Jack had gotten in trouble before for Jack touching his baby cousin…..

Unsure if this Jack has an online account with Vaughn or what exactly this is all about. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around this sleazy convo. But if someone out there has anymore info on this let us know. We need to pay close attention to this person as well as Menellie.


The online depravity never seems to end….I feel the need for a giant meat grinder to just grind them all away in to nothingness. I’ve never been a big fan of social media and various platforms and now you may know why.

Inspectormoorse: “I send this video many months back just to refresh you all, Jack Norris is on the left, and of course, Menellie is on the right. This is Jack Norris talking to his father James about what Menellie tried to force Jack to do, secondly again Menellie only seems to attach himself to all these unsavory characters. It is all on you Menellie no one else. You are responsible for your own actions how people react is only due to you, Also Jack has an account on Vaughn Live & has streamed often, And has a Youtube account. There is no coincidence why Menellie is within these groups of peoples company from MPStyles, Rick Berry Flanders, John Nesbit, Tony Bond, Christopher While, and so on, People never will be interested unless you bring it to the public attention we have a duty to report and expose this concerning behavior nothing more. They all share the same interest and hobbies, Other people with healthy interests do not do what they are doing. Listening to this new video in this blog is painful to listen to what he had done and confessed to.

Thanks to Inspectormoorse.


This is an odd video to say the least as it would seem Menellie has a lot to get off his chest, given a few beers he really likes to talk.

Question is what exactly does he mean when he said EXCHANGED nude pornography images with Chris While ?

Is Menellie FINALLY admitting to something that we’ve all suspected for years ?

I won’t dig any further but instead let you decide what he’s explaining to us.

Thanks for the video used here.