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Some of you may recall a post I did not too long ago entitled “Can-Cr3am…and the NEW TOS that serves who ?” In that post we introduced NEW Terms of Service for Ivlog from the site owner plastered on a Facebook group post. If you need to catch up you may wish to click the LINK at the bottom of this post.

I questioned the reasoning as to WHY such rules were being implemented all of a sudden when the site is most noted for allowing RAPISTS…JUNKIES..DRUNKS and all sorts of various beautiful folks one would joyously love to have over for Christmas dinner. It was at this point someone was kind enough to hand me an audio file that may have captured the true reason for the NEW Terms/rules.

“MeNellie is why they changed TOS. Dita and Ryderback were going at it on discord on Nellies cast and them moderators came in and kicked every person on his channel. Here is the link to the recording”… “The call starts of very friendly with a discussion with Simon & Dita then gets very heated during this time this was live on air at ivlog. and the moderators of the site came into the room and started taking everyone from the room’ so the moderators private message nellie. and nellie decides to sign out and delete his account and says fuck you to cream and the moderators. I’ve had enough of the site micromanaging me” 

The audio file

Now keep in mind Simon being a well known nasty individual who I’m sure most people would find offensive, spits out some of the most derogatory filth one can only imagine. Not to mention a self proclaimed white supremacist who openly admits to hating just about anything or anyone alive. So long Simon you’re outta luck ol boy guess not many folks have a desire to watch you force your finger in to your anus and then suck it off, or watch you slurp up and swallow the snot from your very nose.

Does this mean the site owner has finally developed a thought process perhaps a brain signal ?? Or is he only removing the rotten apples HE finds offensive ?? Here’s another question WHY are so many of these types allowed back on to the site ?? Where are the devoted obedient members of the CUM club hiding, aren’t THEY the ones monitoring the site anymore ?? Let’s see how long these NEW Terms last.

All credit to an anon for the shots sent to me today.

What took place during an Vaughn cast early today may be an example of what we can expect in the near future as Ryderbak has DECLARED his intentions on hurting the meek lil voiced girl/boy named Babs or as he is known as Brahim Soltani of Leeds.

I’d like to point out the the FACT that Ryerbak is aware of the “PEDO CLUB” that Sean Cleary aka IP is a part of, and YES it’s very disturbing. Good choice of words I’d say

As you may be able to tell Guest_32811114356 may know more than their willing to admit. You do get the impression that maybe Babs is hiding behind those numbers.

However the best is left for last as Ryderbak suggests that Babs be some CHILD that Irelandspatriot is attracted to. Can’t make this SHIT up lol

Even though Chris has been charged for what is a CRIMINAL offense BY LAW. I’d say let the police…courts etc do their job and let it be dealt with by PROFESSIONALS.

Not by some internet gang of vultures searching for online prey that attack those who are not capable of fending for themselves. And I do know of OTHERS not just Chris.

They’re not HEROES but only internet SAVAGES.

Babs continues to TORMENT Chris, and his mother and family in this audio clip that was made on June 25th 2017 mere days after Chris’s arrest.

In NO WAY do I support what Chris has done, but to continue this ATTACK on his innocent family can’t be considered legal. Sooner or later something has to be done with this group it has to, and when it does I’ll be one happy individual