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HORAAAYYYYYYY it’s dead like an old dried out pile of fecal matter laying out in the hot July sun….this day has finally arrived. Oh joy.

ADUMB is banned from Vaughn live.

But it’s not what you think…He was showing porn on his cast and I wonder why ?

Details are sketchy for now but it’s true the sex offender decided to cast a porn film. Perhaps it was brought on due to fact he did not receive the special tender love and care he felt entitled to from Vaughn ?

Let’s face it one liked him including his old supporters like Mara his most beloved and trusted friend. Adumb was a stinking ship lost at pee..



Our most beloved mistress of rimjobs and all around oral pleaser of many moist tongue like delights, Jessica had this to say….

Silly stuff put together from today and the previous week.

I guess no one told Jessica that being a Muslim is based off of religion and not nationality or borders ?

The title explains it all. I actually find myself searching for words for this 36 yr old woman, so watch the video.

Thanks to Faroe for sending me this Adumb video.

Something silly that I have no words for.

A news article I recently found and felt perhaps it may shed some light on how ineffective government LAWS can be and how the internet really works. Only more of an indication that we need to be responsive and pro active. It may surprise you when you discover just how vulnerable you are from online predators and sex offenders.

In today’s Big Story podcast, the sex offender registries are public in the US, and they exist in part so that prospective partners can be aware of past crimes. But on many popular dating apps, being a registered sex offender isn’t a barrier to creating an account. An investigation in the United States found again and again that offenders—even some who used the apps to find their victims in the first place—could simply create a new account and keep going.

We know that screening is possible because at least one popular site does it. And the owners of that site and app own three other popular services…that don’t screen. So why not?