A two for one post about the mental misfits on the lower end of the social retard casting ladder. One from Ivlog the other from Vaughn, then again it’s all about the same in my book. Shit is shit.

I seriously wanted to fit Jessica in here somewhere but she was too busy calling herself a “STUPID FUCKING CUNT” in another chatroom.

So you’re stuck with these two handsome devils. Thank you for the videos.

I’ve said once and I’ll say it again…..


Who SPAMS the hell out of a chatroom with comments about ones self like this ? Then again straight out of the horses mouth.

Jessica please take your meds. Thank you for the screen grabs, hilarious.

I remember your mother walking into a room and sodomizing you as you told her how much you loved it, then you paid her $20. You remember you told me that story, I haven’t forgotten the story. Maybe you forgot but I have written down somewhere.

I feel for this poor soul (laughs) for he hasn’t a clue to what’s really going on around him. Whatever your name is and I really don’t care here’s the bare bones of the matter. Facts are facts.

Let me just say if for a second you actually believe you’ve found your soul mate or a possible love of your life, well think again the internet is a corroded piss pool of vile toxic fecal matter that could care less about you or your feelings. However I give you full marks for at least having the guts to sing and let the world know that you’ve become a lost cause for a toxic egotistical drunk who drinks her life away but not before she plasters 2 inches of make up on to her face to hide who she really is.

Then there’s the husband who she lives with, the only reason she does this is to mess with people’s emotions and to see what cash or gifts she can get for free. It’s pitiful but that’s the truth. Her type have made it into a lifestyle.

Pure class with vomiting into a bucket followed by cracking open another beer are only more reasons to run for your life. Lets not forget sitting her worthless ass for hours during casting trying to be demure and oh so sheek. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself another sweater or jersey, you’ve worn this flag thing out for weeks now, give it a wash.

And oh yeah you’re awesome, now trying coming up with some new lines.

Whatever your name is caster person please get help.

You ever come across one of those guys that falls all over any female ?

You know the type he tries so damn hard to impress her with all of his verbal diarrhea, flattery and lame compliments. Eventually he runs out of nice things to say and finally lands his fat foot right in to his mouth ?

All the while you sit back an know it’s coming. Well we found that guy.

Oh yeah btw please enjoy Angie puking up her pizza as she lights up another smoke and guzzles down a can of beer.

This putz must feel like dog feces after Angie rips him a new hole.

I don’t know about you, but something about Angie jus makes me wanna pee on the kitchen floor and rub myself all over it. Call me crazy.