Just when you thought you’d had enough of crazy we find more crazy but now it’s BK (coke head the drunk) preaching and stating that if Paradice should die her death would be on the hands of the ones who purchased beer for her….“SAY IT’.

Thanks for the vids, good stuff

This sodomized mutant infidel idiot goes on to say he’s going to “SUE ME” …. βŠ™β–ƒβŠ™ ..Well get in line amigo you’ve joined the ranks of the angry retards morons and misfits who have said the EXACT SAME THING over the yrs. Just to name a few….

Warren Bucks aka DaddyWarbucks, charged with sexual assault of a minor… Adam Paul Stuart Browne aka Adambro, registered sex offender from Burlington Ontario had sex with a 14 yr old girl….Jessica Baldick aka Jessicalovesjesus, idiot from Horseheads who jested she grooms children, shows her tits off and dances on social media sites to minors…..Shawn W McQuaid aka Shawnio, self admitted pedophile who fantasized about having a 10yr old boy lick peanut butter off of his penis. He was charged with cyberstalking years ago.. Eric Samosky aka Whirlwind, has been charged several times for domestic assault on his 2 ex wives as well as stealing materials from construction sites. Last but not least Mark and his mommy Vaughn and Steve Jones aka Cream, owners of online social media casting sites…

So far I got nada from nobody no way no how, so……FUCK…..YOU…….ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Because on this site you are nobody to me, how does it feel to be powerless ?

“My step brother…his wife Rebecca is a boss, never lost a COURT IN CASE, an attorney she’s untouchable. Fuck the blogs nigga”

Oh yeah…… Hey boy……. This is my shove it up your ass look. Capeesh ? Now go suck your father’s vagina. I’ll push, and you’ll take it.

Today we look at some of the biggest cry babies of the internet, you know the type the heart broken losers who spend too much time listening to themselves attack others on PULBIC casting sites only to turn tail and cry that it’s THEY who are the victims.

Please spare us the hypocrisy and practice what you preach if not get off the internet you don’t belong if you can’t take it.

πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’


Frank or actually “Rafael Garcia“, I figured since you enjoy coming here so much and stealing my content for your own attacks on other casters I figured you of all people would understand me doing this ? You like or what ?

But then again you’re going to understand when this video was placed up on last nights VL cast featuring you and this blog. Again I’m sure you completely understand right ?

πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’


πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’


πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’

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Trembling and shaking like a fecal covered anal dildo out of control Crabz had this to say after last nights recent ban from Vaughn live.

The hairy drama queen from Boston wastes no time slamming everyone in his path from Code420, my handsome EX Faroe, Alvaro, and even our most beloved boob princess of intoxicating passion…..Montreal Karens.

Things became downright scary as the Boston cry baby leans forward to point his phalic finger in our faces. How dare he… ΰ² οΈ΅ΰ² ε‡Έ

I actually shook with fear and peed myself quietly as I watched in awe of this strong man child rant his anger online. β•°(◣﹏◒)β•―

However things may have changed as Crabz may no longer be banned from VL as of today. But hell it was damn funny watching him flip out.

I hope the site bans him again this was great.

Thanks to the person for the below screen cap as it would seem another caster can now see Jessica for what see truly is.

Last night Frank(Crabz) and Code420 decided to slam Jessica between the eyes and it serves her right for claiming she’s a “child groomer“.


Feeling alone and with no one to even chat to, the self proclaimed child groomer now sits on her throne of lies and deceit. You earned it Jessica dear the truth does hurt, why else bring it up again ?

She desperately tries to clear her shame in this video only to find she’s clearly out done by her own words. Oh and one more thing she now admits to meeting children on facebook, but according to Jessica the parents know she’s not a groomer so it’s all fine and dandy.


Please somebody explain to me what in gawds name is this freak trying to say, because you can’t make this up.

Oh and check out the hidden mess in her storage/bedroom as she flicks on the lights exposing a mess of junk. Then it’s time for some weird dancing.

Yes Jessica dear I’m sure everyone believes what toxic lies spew from your anus, you know the thing on your face you call a mouth ?

If anyone out there is not up on all this and needs to do a lil research then I recommend these past posts.

Thanks for the video used for this post.

As Angie continues to compliment Frank during the serenade it becomes apparently clear that any use of alcohol is not only bad for ones body but for the brain as well.

Or is Angie sober during this video ?

Now that would be funny……