Should have just make an UPDATE but what the heck…

So from the previous post it’s possible some of you may have reported the caster playing the hentai Japanese anime series, or perhaps it was management taking care of business. Either way the link of the deleted channel is below.

I saved this image for last not wanting to place the casters name on the previous post, the reason for this I wanted to see if anyone was paying attention. And maybe they are.

“Soft porn” Or at least that’s what I would call it as I was recently browsing along in Vaughn live I happen to stumble upon this particular caster playing a Japanese anime tv series. No idea as to what it was called all dialogue was in Japanese and so were the sub titles, but what I did manage to record was freaky and extremely sexual.

I wasn’t able to understand any of it, but the story so far is that the toy frog and pink bear are actually living creatures that for some reason desire to lick and suck female breasts and are even capable of ripping off woman’s clothing and holding them hostage to accomplish this. The sexual insinuation and symbolism is also out of whack as if this schlock was made for pubescent males struggling with their own frustrated sexuality and in denial of deep rooted mommy dearest issues….Ring a bell Mark ?

The fight at the end with the orange tinted woman with the throbbing red strap on dildo was equally hilarious, as her powerful glow toy became purple with magical might during a gladiator show down…A must watch.

Vaughn live has slipped through the cracks again allowing the most ridiculous casts to do unhindered, I can only imagine what’s next from the casting site that brought you the high and mighty Christian Scruffy and all of her hypocrisy and biblical BS. Oh and lets not forget those TOS, you know the ones they choose to ignore.

Or maybe this is their way of replacing Adambro the rapist ?

A quote sent in… “Mark’s Random Bullshit Facts. Notice #11 & #20. Yes, there is no number #5. Mark can’t count”…Credit and thanks to Scruffypenis for this screen grab.

How can his site be “bootstrapped” when several years ago he claimed this ?
You should have taken the “pretend offer” Mark like that you would have had “pretend cash” to spend lmao.
HA..Still waiting for 5 years after hearing the legal THREATS.
Cry me a river wah wah wah.
Practice what you PREACH.
Your face when you can’t stand your own BS stink.

Scrolled across the top with the words…

“I’m Anti–Jew which is Anti-religion GO FUCK YOURSELF You fake ass Americans lol”

And along with those strong words was a porn video being played.

No idea if this was a swing at the Vaughns or someone else, but as you can see I cut the bottom part off for obvious reasons. You get the picture I’m sure, and it’s not honey glaze on her face.

The BIG July 4th road trip funding is going no where and Frank has less than a month to fart out $1000, Butt dear ol Frank may have a back up plan….maybe.

Franks off to the ER…..$$$$

Butt relax he just has a sore tummy is all, butt then again we know Frank all to well as his last words ring a certain desperation. ” And I’m probably gonna poop myself when I get the bill”

$ Even Mr body builder sparkle speedos had this to say. $

Butt right as rain I’m sure Frank will bounce back only of course after his cash cows pay out a small sum of cash. (whispers back up plan).

However sources close to Frank tell a different tale, a sordid tale that may reveal much. You see Frank went into the ER to have an X ray done and what you’ll see here may shock you.

Seems Frank has left a number of foreign objects inside his tum tum. Butt I saved the best for last.

I had no idea I was this popular in fact all Frank had to do was say “Hi”…However I do think it’s sweet how….Both Frank and Mark share the same tastes and interests.

When I was a kid, I used to pray every night for a new bike. Then I realized, the Lord doesn’t work that way. So I just stole one and asked Him to forgive me … and I got it!