I received an email that informed me that Moose has cancer.

Normally I try to stay away from such posts, and feel uneasy placing up this sort of content. However it was made public during a Vaughn a cast and it was sent in so after giving it thought I felt it wouldn’t hurt to let Moose know that we wish him well and a full speedy recovery.

Thank you for the video sent in.

During the week on an Ivlog cast several of you decided to let Jessica know just how much she truly means to you, tempers flared and some down right naughty things were said….well………….

Straight from the horse heads mouth…


I reached out to our most wise Father Giuseppe Vaffanculo, and he sent along a prayer in hopes that Jessica may finally be granted the release she’s been so eagerly seeking.

Along with that we have this wonderful back scratcher in the shape of a cross for those hard to reach places, hope you like it dear. I know you’ll get plenty of use from it, just don’t try using it as a coffee stirrer.

Personally I see you with a red one, it fits your fiery soul. Thank you for the screen grabs.

Is shy

It’s not silly Friday yet but lately I’ve been sent hours of Jessica footage and not sure what to do with it, so I decided to slice some of it up for laughs.

Casting in a bathing suit…AGAIN

The first video is of Jessica critiquing my TWITCH account bio, she seems pretty perturbed over this. Personally I thought it was a hoot.

Sadly Jessica has lost her job but don’t fear good ol Walmart has replaced Jessica with a plank of wood. At least this plank of wood can actually respond and think unlike dear Jessica.

Second video is of Jessica attempting to quote scriptures when all of a sudden she goes blank, a must see.

Thanks to everyone for any video footage used.

This post and Jessica’s insane rant complete with hate and death comments are brought on by the previous post where I claim Jessica had doxed Megan on Friday in a chatroom using both her first and last name.

First I’d like to say Jessica is without doubt a born pathological liar. I’ve proven her guilt on many occasions over the years, and I’m sure most if not all of you are familiar with this fact. That is why I’m placing up this recent video to further support my claim of Jessica’s guilt in doxing Megan.

During the video we have Jessica casting on TWITCH while she watches our chat here on the blog, as she does so Robert decides to make comments about Jessica in our chat prompting Jessica to respond to Robert from her cast. You can hear a blip or pop sound during the video, that’s me recording her cast.

What I find most interesting is how Jessica uses the exact same words and phrases in her cast as the Anon did on Fridays Doxing of 15 yr old Megan.

It may be of interest to note that Jessica enjoys using the word “bitch” at the end of her angry sentences.

During this exchange Jessica’s mod decided to let their feelings known only to have their comments deleted in chat.

As previously stated I do find Jessica to be guilty of doxing Megan on Friday, she uses Robert’s and Megan’s facebook to gather intel not only on them but their family and friends, she uses their private information in an attempt to bring harm to both of them but what troubles me the most is Megan being subjected to this at the age of 15. There’s simply no cause to be so hurtful to a 15 yr old on the internet.

I was handed this yesterday afternoon with the words…..

moldy810 : “We all know who this anon is .. cough.”

Thank you for the screen shot.

As you can see this anon clearly has an axe to grind with both Megan and Robert as this person vents their anger complete with doxing.

Jessica claiming people are Robert several weeks ago when Robert hasn’t a clue to this chatroom existence.

Never in my 8yrs of blogging have I ever come across anything so disgusting. I believe anyone who feels the need to DOX a 15yr old girl is not only a vile piece of shit but a mentally fucked ass clown with no morals or decency to have ever been born with.

Now I know there’s no ip associated with this anon but I’m sure you can agree there’s only one low life piece of shit who would stoop so low as to dox a 15yr old girl in a chatroom and we all know who that would be.

Hope you’re proud of yourself and with this latest dark cloud hanging over your head you wont have anything to cry about, just remember that Megan has more support in her tiny finger than you or Adumb could ever muster in your worthless life time.