REPORT… REPORT… REPORT… REPORT… REPORT… REPORT…. Screamed the fungus queen of morons as she ranted her frustration and humiliation, her humongous sized ego demanded revenge. And the hate blog was to be her buffet and Monkeysniffer her main course.

In the past it’s been confirmed when individuals who become frustrated with this blog eventually become consumed with desperation and hate. That’s when LEGAL THREATS become the weapon of choice.

On Wed Dec 4, 2019, right on the heels of Jessica’s cry cry whine post came this 5 page statement.

Anotherdeadblog being Shawnio, Shawn W McQuaid.

Her brainless rants spew unproven claims on how my “BUDDY” made phone calls to Sam and his family, she even went as far as to say this same “BUDDY” of mine made “THREATS” directed towards Sam and his family.

So Jessica where is the PROOF ?????? Please show us all.

She even states she’s filed a POLICE report and mentions the FBI knocking at my door.

But sweet heart Jessica, it was your friends who were harassing Sam and his family, with multiple food orders and phone calls that have lasted years. It was the company you keep that did it, in fact it was that same company that blamed not only myself but those of us here in this blog. Another thing your same company (friends) have a HISTORY of doing the same thing to many others all over the globe. More on that later.

Jessica Sam may no longer be speaking to you, but he did communicate with me. Dated Wed Nov 13 2019 Sam had this to say to me.

I offer you Sam and his take on the situation. I don’t see your proof Jessica.

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s now been confirmed your friend Babs (Brahim Soltani) Of Leeds England is the one along with the possibility of several other of the Uk Muppets. LOL…

Jessica is this the part where you show me your breasts, and I lock you up and throw away the key ?

Babs who at the age of 14 was recruited to be a troll of this group, his DOX along with a history of making phone calls and pleading with his victims to commit suicide are both documented on this blog. Another Ivlog caster JStevio and his family have been terrorized, stalked and threatened for as long as 8 years.

I myself along with several others of this blog have experienced similar interactions with this same group. Check this blogs categories for reference.

From what I’m to gather the police in Leeds have directly spoken to Brahim Soltani in the past over his internet shenanigans.

And that is one of your “BUDDIES” Jessica. LOL


Jessica is this the part where you crawl inside your anus and hibernate for the winter ? LOL….LOL. But wait there’s more. LOL

You may recall back in Oct 2 2018 when your “BUDDY” the self admitted sex offender Adam Paul Stuart Browne was publicly doxing you during an Ivlog cast ? It was Ben that exposed him for doing it.

Then on April 5 2017 Adam doxed you again on VL

On March 31st 2017 your “BUDDY” Shawnio was allowing your DOX as Miss Scruffy sat in his chat doing nothing, maybe you recall ?

And of course more LEGAL dirt on your “BUDDIES” LOL.

BOMB threats and of course his sexually charged comments directed towards children as young as 10.

I wont even get into facts surrounding Ryan Fields another one of your “BUDDIES” who recently has been reported going around announcing his involvement in the rape and murder of JonBenét Ramsey back in December 25, 1996 (aged 6) . In which he had absolutely no involvement in but makes false claims to a crime he never committed. Makes sense if you’re Ryan.

I agree Jessica a 6 yr old girl being raped and murdered, how hilarious.

So now what Jessica ? You going cry, piss yourself ?…No I know it’s all photoshopped and does not exist. So why the FEAR and HATE directed towards this blog ? Why FEAR what is not real…So put your money where your mouth is and lets see what happens.

Keeping that in mind….I call out to ANY law enforcement on this planet who feel the need to ask me ANY questions concerning any of the above facts on this post or on this blog to PLEASE contact me… my email if you should need any assistance from me. I have a lot to say on the matter.

I suppose I should prepare myself for a scorching rebuttal post complete with Mickey mouse images and chocolate chip cookie recipes scribbled with crayola crayon.

From the twisted, distorted mind of Jessica comes another anal wrenching poop filled cry cry cast complete with lies deceit regret and snotty tears.

However as of today thunder thighs Jessica has a heavy heart and she bares her broken soul. 😥

Her anger is directed towards Mike a caster on Ivlog, she has a lot to say about a lot of folks including those of us here.

Personally I love the part where she cries how she wants people to stop coming to this blog hahahahahahahaah. 🐒 Thank you to the person who recorded this audio file.

During her gut wrenching cast she claims she’s done no wrong towards Lilpunk and that’s where I call LIAR. Here’s why.

An email sent to me, back from Feb 16th 2019, in it a video of Faroe where someone has tried to lay claim it was LilPunk doing the recording. Check it out

I know weird right. I never told you she was bright or made any sense ? She had more to say several days ago.

To the fungus Queen protector of sexual deviants every where, understand this.

Your thoughtless minded farts that spew from your mouth like a donkey squirting liquid shits from it’s ass, to the 1 brain cell you posses in your empty fragile head are as pathetic as your words of biblical bullshit. You truly are a joke on 2 legs. So I humbly offer this.

With almost ten years of evidence collected from various blogs and actual documentation revolving around his past criminal behavior you need to GOOGLE the name Shawn W McQuaid. Jessica you dumb white cow can you handle that ?

If you can handle that try the categories to other past posts on this blog, and try removing your head from your dumb ass.

I truly think you are becoming more stupid by the hour. So go purchase some EXTRA strength get smart pills, you need em real bad.

With her millions of adoring supporters leaving the Queen of sex offenders and her dead blog of four viewers floating like fungus covered poop, it was only a matter of time before more TRUTH would finally rear it’s head.

But alas our dear Jessica the liar of sex offenders is reduced to having one sided conversations with herself in her chat. Impossible you say ?

Note the above screen grab as she casually thanks anon9488 as herself, both with the ip…BINGO can you say BUSTED ? Nice chatting with yourself there Jessica lmao.

Right the last time it was your brother who called everyone NIGGERS FAGGOTS and FUCKERS, but then we all found out it was really… YOU. So clearly you’ve done this sort of thing before. Many times I’m sure.
Yes Jessica now tell everyone how it was photoshoped and LIE through your teeth again. I rest my case.

Other one sided chitter chatter mentions from the past have been.

Shawnio…who would spend hours chatting up a storm as various guests until one day Miss Scruffy came in to his chat informing him he needed psychiatric help.

Of course Ryan Fields who I just posted a few weeks ago on this very blog.

I myself witnessing Smokeyjoint and Hippers chatting to them selves in our blog chat in the past… No joke….Hi Spacecamp how are ya ?

But possibly the most hilarious of all time was Eric Samoskey aka Whirlwind who was not only caught chatting to himself during a cast, but thanking himself for a great cast as himself. Can’t make this up.

Oh yeah sure great cast sir was absolutely dynamite on every intelligent level. Sorry but GOOGLE copy and paste isn’t going to work this time. Thanks for the screen grabs.


Chats to herself for encouragement ?

Judge Keith rules

You may recall Keith the same individual that threatened to sexually assault Jessica, she then reported this to Ivlog resulting in his ban. She also claimed to have contacted the police over this only to later on mod him in her very own blog. Well Keith has more rules than any religious bible. Thanks to the person who sent in the screen grabs from his VL channel.

Could this be the next Mr Baldick ?