When I has given this gift I almost spit all over the place with laughter, I thought to myself, seriously ? Thank you for the screen grab.

Adumb just shut your mouth you single brain celled moron. You spent a year or so on a site that you whined about before you were even on it and now you’re banned from Ivlog you whine that you can no longer be on it. Idiot.

Stick to what you do best, and that’s lying and creating your own self absorbed fantasy world along with kissing up your mother like girl friend. Because we all know the only rapist and pedophile is you.

Still waiting for those police officers of yours to DOX me and shut me down…..Oh and Jessica the FBI were asking about you dear.

Congratulations on being the last banned caster of 2019 and the first of 2020, we all knew you could do it..clap….clap….clap.

Sources close to the distraught Moonbooze tell me he has sent numerous emails to Cr3am, but so far the only response has been something along the lines of..Cr3am is too busy admiring his new thumb rings that he received for Christmas.

Moonbooze has been quoted as saying “I really enjoy shining my carrot for folks online in fact my new years prostitution is to toss an entire salad in one stroke”…. I cannot confirm or deny this but I do wonder if he’ll be using a vinaigrette for the salad ?

Yes, Moonbooze is now disguised as a plant.

Our most beloved and newly crowned DIVA of 2019, Ben InOhio has recently broken down in tears over the ban, and threatens if Moonbooze is no longer welcumed on Ivlog then he plans to have a 24 hour NUDE CAST. Let me remind you that beautiful Ben has been caught with his pants down on Ivlog before. You naughty Ben you <3.

The voluptuous Ben has sent me a tantalizing sexy sample of what is to cum…I know Shawnio’s moist back end mangina quivers in orgasmic delight.

You’re probably asking yourself..Why does Monkeysniffer have a shower video of Ben ?….Trust me when I say…I ask myself that same question.

A news article I recently found and felt perhaps it may shed some light on how ineffective government LAWS can be and how the internet really works. Only more of an indication that we need to be responsive and pro active. It may surprise you when you discover just how vulnerable you are from online predators and sex offenders.

In today’s Big Story podcast, the sex offender registries are public in the US, and they exist in part so that prospective partners can be aware of past crimes. But on many popular dating apps, being a registered sex offender isn’t a barrier to creating an account. An investigation in the United States found again and again that offenders—even some who used the apps to find their victims in the first place—could simply create a new account and keep going.

We know that screening is possible because at least one popular site does it. And the owners of that site and app own three other popular services…that don’t screen. So why not?

Several months ago I sat back reflecting on the most outrageous stupid comments or situations of 2019, and realized WOW I could make a post on this.

Folks what we have here is the creme de la creme of some of the ultimate online idiots making the list and as usual I can’t make this up.

I thought I’d begin with the most obvious idiot of all time, Adumb Sex offender rapist Browne. Need I say more ?

After years of denying it was him, Adumb the idiot finally revealed himself to Ivlog staff in the form of an email as being the registered offender in the CBC news link article who had sex with a 14 yr old girl. There’s no coming back from this Adumb you created your own fate with your stupidity. Enjoy.

Cr3am bans Adumb with some trivial excuse with too many reports, we call it DAMAGE CONTROL.

Lie, whine and report all you want Adumb, but you revealed yourself.

WAIT…… Adumb didn’t YOU cast there for the last year until recently being banned ?

And that brings me to another top class caster, our very own beloved Christian sweet heart Jessica Baldick…..amen.

Not enough can be said about Jessica except I’d need 10 more blogs and about a life time of posts for all the dumb things the Ivlog queen has said this year. From her homophobic rants to her racial slurs, Jessica has made a strong GODLY statement for all to witness.

Plenty of PEDOPHILES live on her street who gives a CRAP ?
My comments, self explanatory.
Just so you know ….LOL
We agree LOL
Several posts were placed up exposing a darker side to our sweet Jessica.
Makes a post on her blog accusing her BROTHER of making racial slurs, only to retract the post by deleting and then admits it was her all along. Yes she’s even lied about her own brother so you couldn’t possibly imagine what she wouldn’t say about you.
She eventually comes over here and informs me it was her that made the comments….well sort of actually it was a DEMON.
Yes Jessica we have caught you MANY times …..LOL
Jessica I’m still awaiting the FBI, could you please get them here before lunch ?
Yes dear ….LOL

And there’s many many many more, but we only have so many years in a lifetime. Now if someone could be so kind as to PLEASE remove the internet from Jessica’s home……….LOL.

And of course we have Ryan Fields (Ryanhifi) who recently made this comment about raping and murdering a 6 yr old child.

Hilarious, just……..hilarious, don’t you think ?

Ryan has a strange sexual obsession with children, in the past he has stated he would have sex with a 6 week new born child and has supported having sex with 14 yr olds. However in his own words……….

But then this the same Ryan who recently said he never had aspergers but instead was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and that explained away his behavior. Or did it ?

Of course who could forget Shawnio the cast out simp family member who lives in a shack.

Shawnio is best known for his fantasies involving 10 yr old boys and peanut butter. The 10 or more years of documentation on this degenerate is everywhere. Simply GOOGLE Shawn W McQuaid the bread crumbs are endless.

Of course we have Moonboots for exposing himself on Ivlog during one of his many drunken casts resulting in his ip ban. Great job there buddy, do you actually think you’re going to survive on Twitch ? Sayonara toots.

Sad when a bottle can beat your weak soul so easily. Some can talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk.

Bring on the dildos

We had some boobs and another masturbator.

I do believe I may have left the best for last. Drum roll please.

The living LEGEND… the greatest caster.. the LOVER.. the ROMANTIC… the SEX GOD…. the best WAUDIO…. the best WIDEO… the most eligible DUMB FAT BASTARD of all time….BACHELOR I mean bachelor (oops typo)……FAROOOOOEEEE.

Now at this point I have to simply say this…CHECK HIS CATEGORY …There is NO WAY I can possibly list all of his DUMB comments for 2019.

Think I got em all. Until the next dumb ass caster spews something, but lets save that for 2020.

When I received the word that “Chris” was back casting on Vaughn live, the first thing I asked was Chris who ?

I had no idea that it would be THAT Chris…Truly I was shocked.

After the initial shock wore off, I then realized it must be a video and someone was recasting Chris While, boy was I wrong. It was him, and this is what took place.

Whether you love Mark or hate him, he did the right thing 100%. Something Cr3am could take a few lessons from. Too bad for Jessica who could have made another special friend… 💔  😢  Better luck next time dear.

If you’re unsure of who Chris While is then read over a story that I posted back in June 20th 2017. LINKS are down below.