GamerGirl, BABYDEATH comments and what took place in Vaughn live with Oma ?

I was asked to redo this post that took place from about a year ago, some of you felt it needed to be rehashed. I tend to agree with new people coming to our blog I think from time to time digging up the past in order for us to understand the present and why we are here doing this needs to happen.

I hope I get the details accurate, but I do apologize to Oma for any errors I make here.

About 18/19 years ago Oma had given birth to a baby boy that did not survive, the child was buried and all was forgotten. At a later date for some reason the child’s body was exhumed for an autopsy. It was then discovered Oma’s baby had been switched at birth with another child, so realizing that her baby was now alive she wanted answers, but most of all she wanted to find her missing son.

I’m not sure of the investigative details surrounding the switched babies but it was later discovered that certain hospital employees were the ones involved in an illegal baby adoption ring, one that caused Oma to lose her baby boy from birth.

Oma set out to let everyone know of her dilemma , she even went as far as to make a blog and even decided to cast on Vaughn live to further get her message out to everyone.

It’s at this point during her casts on Vaughn live that Gamergirl…Hardwood an Bubba decided to troll Oma…to mock her story and the passing of her child with crude, disgusting jokes. This torment lasted 3/4 days non stop.

Many of you sent in emails to the Vaughn’s making reports in hopes of stopping the baby death comments. But the Vaughn’s only repeatedly claim how they never received any such reports…they denied any such wrong doing on their site. Even when Gamergirls channel was being featured, go figure.Screenshot_5Screenshot_6




They photo-shopped images of children being run over by ice cream trucks, and went as far to place their own faces on the truck for all to see.


They even made financial requests, so individuals could send in money to help continue the torment .2LebfZc

Alone and outnumbered Oma tried to fight the clique trolls, and the establishment in her own way.


And after about 4 days is when Mark Vaughn finally stepped in…

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In the mean time both Scuttles and myself had placed up numerous posts trying to get a message out to the viewers of Vaughn live.

Afters days of being ridiculed and harassed by Mark’s friends Oma’s account was finally taken over by Mark himself claiming Oma’s channel was hacked by an out side source.

The reason they did this was due to an over whelming support here at this blog as folks one by one actually began witnessing what Oma was experiencing. Let’s face it Oma wasn’t about to leave and her strong voice was pissing off the Vaughn’s. So what better way to get rid of her then to make a phony claim…think about it.


So lets shut her up…remove her, and pretend nothing happened. By BANNING Oma it was a proven fact that indeed the Vaughn’s lost control and had become desperate in dealing with the Oma situation.

The result ???? ……………………….

As most of you now know the foul mouth sack of shit that is named Gamergirl became a Staff member at Vaughn. Her reward you ask for doing this was to be staff ??? I’m not sure you would have to ask Mark that question.screenshot_5Screenshot_8 (2)

But some say it’s his sexual online infatuation for GG that allowed her to do this, and that makes sense to me… In the past I have always been against CLIQUES that have management support them such as Ivlog and the PATHETIC CUNTS that reside there. To Vaughn live and it’s TRASH. Both of them is made up of LIES..HYPOCRISY..SEXUAL  INNUENDOS and POWER. But the bottom line it’s about the weaker folk on a site that don’t have a voice..not having the TITS or VAGINA..CLEAVAGE that attract MALE site owners that eventually end up getting involved with their viewers…wink wink. Know what I mean ?

I hope I’ve done Oma’s story justice here.




  1. JoseA March 3, 2017 11:53 pm 

    GG, Hardwood, and Bubba were also instrumental in the demise of MV lost many VIP accounts as a result.

    And I agree with the premise that it’s all about the pussy. Nasty, backwoods pussy at that.

  2. Anonymous March 4, 2017 5:34 am 

    Agree !
    This should never be forgotten

    Thx for posting this so others will know and never forget

    • monkeysniffer March 4, 2017 12:28 pm 

      You’re welcome

  3. Walt Stinky March 4, 2017 7:06 pm 

    Thank you for making this post. I was never quite clear before what the deal was with Oma.

    • monkeysniffer March 4, 2017 8:16 pm 

      Was a pleasure Walt, yw

  4. Anonymous March 6, 2017 9:42 pm 

    Whatever happened to OMA and her lost child? Did anything ever come of that?

    • monkeysniffer March 6, 2017 9:46 pm 

      She has not fond her child, but she tries to make others aware of what took place by speaking out.

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