Jesssica horny for Big Daddy ?

The video used on this post was sent into me from several days ago, at first glance I wan’t sure how to take it but the more I examined it the more peculiar it became.

A simple question was asked of Jessica… If she ever had SEX with her father ?…Simple question …A simple answer….Or so you would think. To normal thinking folks like you or I we would respond with a ” F, YOU” or perhaps some would refuse to acknowledged the question at all ?

When Jessica finally reveals the answer to the question she ends her statement with “LOL”. What then becomes even more bizarre is at one point she ends it with “LMAO”..

Upon realizing just how foolish she had become she quickly skitters out of chat with her tail tucked between her legs. What’s equally funny is that no one visits Jessica’s chat so now she harasses people in other chats and literally begs for any attention.

Now before anyone claims this is PHOTOSHOPPED we do have the complete video for all to witness.

YOU CAN DECIDE…It’s weird, real weird I think. Odd how she craves such needed attention.

Unsure if Jessica is serious or not…LOL… I’ve decided to send along some suggestive toys she may enjoy….(((((o))))).

Says the one who showed her breasts on JTV for teen boys to gawk at.
Then how do you manage to stand yourself ?

Oh HEY shit for brains, next time someone asks if you had sex with your father, just walk away..LOL.


  1. puddintane October 23, 2020 7:38 pm  Reply

    Wow jessica is such a moron but I do believe she had sex with her brother and father makes since, now we all know why she likes adam the pedo.

    • monkeysniffer October 23, 2020 7:39 pm  Reply

      It is odd, now you see it.

  2. ggstits October 23, 2020 8:00 pm  Reply

    It makes you wonder about Jessica and her home life with the answer she gave when asked if she has ever had sex with her father her reply was lol so it tells me this might be like one of those porn movies where the mom teaches her how to give Blowjobs ! 🙂

  3. name October 23, 2020 8:58 pm  Reply

    you are losing it monkeysniffer

    • monkeysniffer October 23, 2020 9:19 pm  Reply

      Ok shawnio, says the person who was caught humping his dog, please explain this.
      Do you hump many dogs or just the ones called Jessica ?

  4. banannalover October 23, 2020 9:09 pm  Reply

    notice adam not been casting on vl the past few weeks . shawnio hasnt been running her blog chat talking about sniffer all day.. got home past midnight last night jessica was on vl playing christmas music with a picture from the cone head movie . her video was frozen like faroe . she had 4 lurkers lol. with her retarded mind i am sure daddy and brother have got in her bed at night. she had a pretend boyfriend to make people think she was going to get married.

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