Jessica calls upon the wrath of god to fulfill her need for revenge

She can’t stop, no matter what anyone says or does Jessica is drawn into drama. She lives for it 24/7. The queen of drama is at it again, long live the queen. All credit to YOU for the email.

And here I thought we’d have a quiet evening.

In this 17min file of her cast she rants on about her anger towards Ryan HiFi who apparently has DOXED her in some other chatroom, so she takes her high and mighty self and decides to cast on Vaughn, and it’s there she calls upon gods holy intervention.

Within the first 3 min of the vid, Jess informs everyone how she’s not into the fame or popularity.

Now hold on Disney Princess wasn’t it YOU that had your popular poll floating around with a whopping 45 whole votes. And lets not forget it was YOU who called yourself the Queen of Ivlog and made outrageous statement on how the site was on a certain popular level only due to your godly divine presence.

At 4min of the vid she hollers in orgasmic delight upon seeing Shawnio, the same Shawnio who fantasizes about 10 yr old boys licking peanut butter off his penis. How………..delightful ?

She even admits to being a FLIP FLOPPER herself lol.

Can’t make this up.

5min in and Jess is now whinning over the fact her home information was placed in Ryan’s chat….However if you GOOGLE Jessica’s name you can gather any and all information on her, all credit to Jessica who places her full name on to Facebook and other social media sites……DUUUUHHHHHH.

She DOXED herself YEARS AGO. hahahahahah

After all Ryan he needs to go to a fysical ferapist…for anger management..

Oh man. …hahahahahhah

6:17 she admits to being two faced and goes as far as to say she was this way towards everybody else…

Jessica please stop now and have a nice lunch dear lol. Just STOP.

The most painful comment of all time is when dear sweet Jessica says that no one likes me… 😥  . Why didn’t someone tell me I was so hated, I would have stopped wearing granma’s panties with matching heels. Perhaps something not so reveling and provocative. 😥 

It’s at this point I would show off the blogs views, but then again we all know it’s photoshopped. So why bother.

We have stuttering Jessica mumbling like Porky pig about Sam his family and his lawyer and how taking one look at this blog, they had decided it was disgusting and horrible that it needs to come down immediately.

Now Jessica most divine muffin of love….Were all of these people DISGUSTED at the posts where you EXPOSE your BREASTS and Sam was taking a SHOWER on a live CAST or showing off his WILLY on private calls ? Just curious dear, please let me know.

Because I don’t wish to mess with any bully and get horns.

Final thoughts.. Jessica you created your own problem here by lying on behalf of a registered sex offender, and the result will have negative consequences from folks who can actually think and see the truth as is. So Jessica you kinda dug your own hole again. Enjoy the FAME you’ve earned.


  1. ggstits December 13, 2019 2:40 am 

    jessica do you even know how to shut your stupid mouth up.. why do you do every thing that you can to make people not like you i mean you hang out with the scum of the internet like SHAWNIEO oh one more thing miss queen of ivlog you said in glens cast you brought people to ivlog make me fucking laugh you brought no one

  2. anon December 13, 2019 3:18 am 

    Why does she constantly mention the word trolls but hangs out with some pretty malicious ones herself? Babs, IrelandsPatriot, Shawnio and some person named theboss. Therealryanhifi also admitted to being a troll. Every one of them are using her and the girl has no clue. Anyone can see how they talk to her in a child like manner.

    Jessica we all know therealryanhifi trolls every where he goes it’s you that listened to all his stories and lies and believed him lol

    Jessica, Sam admitted in open chat at the sniffer blogger chat box it was Babs and Gina that messed with him the most and isn’t Babs your buddy? He also messed with UnitedAmerican. Does Pat even know you associate with him and talk with him on facebook?

    Alvaro still gets in channels on ivlog even if he’s site banned just like a few others do. No not everyone who speaks at the alvaro chat box is site banned on ivlog. Also don’t forget a few from your chat box are also site banned on ivlog or maybe you forgot that.

    Jessica what happened to telling everyone you were staying out of drama and doing your own thing? Shawnio who is anotherdeadblog, and therealryanhifi keep pushing you back in it. lol


    • monkeysniffer December 13, 2019 3:22 am 

      pees a lil bit, but enjoys the warm wet feeling on my curvy yet voluptuous hairy cheeks. Then changes into dry jammies and says………amen

  3. RyanHifi December 13, 2019 1:45 pm 

    “I defended him for the longest time” no she threw me under the bus whenever Shawnio had something to say. Every day or 2 it was another flip flop on me. She says “I believed him the whole time” then says “I didn’t trust him fully but believed him at the same time” ???? You either trust somebody or you don’t. You’re a WEASEL Jessica. Dishonest, and you hang with a guy who had sex with his sister, ivlog banned rejects, and the very dude who sent Sam pizza!! If only you could see the light/truth. We all know you won’t….

    • Moldy da Man December 13, 2019 2:17 pm 

      Moldy cheezzzz in da house ! Better King for a Day than Schmuck for a lifetime ! she wants your sexay Booty ! Ryan .

      • RyanHifi December 13, 2019 2:35 pm 

        She lies with trolls it’s going to catch up with her, when she starts getting food sent to her house she will STILL not think it’s babs. When she gets harassed by anons/guests, she will STILL not think it’s shawnio. When she has Adam say she’s a piece of shit, she will STILL think he’s an awesome guy! Even when he forces her to skype and show her boobs like he does with Marauder45

        • monkeysniffer December 13, 2019 2:49 pm 

          Ryan do you have proof please ?

          • RyanHifi December 13, 2019 2:51 pm 

            Just a hunch, never been wrong yet though…..

        • Miffed Mouldy Mountain of Smegma December 13, 2019 6:47 pm 

          Ryan shes been saying some serious shade your way bro , you need to watch it she wants the Pizza brigade to serve you some cheezy mouldiness > If i was you i,d try stick to your plan for 24 hours [i know that seems awful long but you can do it ] & then have a long think about it then 2 morrow . You know this blog has got your back bro so hang lo flow bro , yo !

      • BoscoMoney December 13, 2019 2:50 pm 

        Moldy da man? Seriously? This is how we’re treating a person who has said some pretty fucking disgusting things now? A guy who has talked about raping CHILDREN for fuck sakes? Some of you need to get your goddamn heads straightened and put back on right. And BTW Ryan, you were born a schmuck you’ll always be one. Your current little attention fest will NEVER cover up the nasty things you’ve both said and done. Fucktard.

        • monkeysniffer December 13, 2019 2:52 pm 

          Moldy da man is not Ryan but someone being sarcastic and playing on the name

  4. name December 13, 2019 2:23 pm 

    dear monkeysniffer

    you keep repeating the same nonsense, jessica casts making fun of you in front of 100 people, you make a post and then try to turn it into some some of advice column in the comments LMAO

    sorry but shes ignoring you now Ryan, I mean monkeysniffer lol


    • monkeysniffer December 13, 2019 2:48 pm 

      I’m just a monkey <3

    • RoundAndRoundWeGo December 13, 2019 2:55 pm 

      100 people? You mean you with 80 tabs open? LOL. Too easy.
      Shawnio, leeching off of a retard is about your speed. Living in a tiny lean-to with 500 cats is destroying what brain you had left. Enjoy your weekly cabbage and moldy bread from the food bank.

    • anon December 13, 2019 10:44 pm 

      If that is you shawnio you speak of others being obsessed with certain casters on this blog yet you’re obsessed with this blogger, going on years managing to throw in comments on posts. Again if you’re shawnio move on like you have told others to do so. If I’m wrong I do apologize.

  5. jessicasbaldhead December 13, 2019 6:26 pm 


    • monkeysniffer December 13, 2019 6:34 pm 

      you’re very generous

    • monkeysniffer December 13, 2019 8:38 pm 

      oh oh, if those people are innocent it’s gonna spell bad news

    • monkeysniffer December 13, 2019 8:58 pm 

      Yup report for death threats seems legit

      • RyanHifi December 13, 2019 8:59 pm 

        should have said ‘threat of bodily harm’ but you get the idea

        • monkeysniffer December 13, 2019 9:02 pm 

          report her blog and chat, you can call the police on shawnio

          • RyanHifi December 13, 2019 9:11 pm 

            reported his profile on chatango with a direct link to the threat

          • monkeysniffer December 13, 2019 9:19 pm 

            well they DOXED you and threatened you, you do have the right

  6. RyanHifi December 13, 2019 11:30 pm 

    Jessica was emailed all of these screenshots, and she obviously just doesn’t care. This is how she responds to the email, not by email, but in her chat box. She’s a woman who supports doxing and death threats….

    This is a new low even for her. Dear Jessica this is why you have no friends, only trolls surrounding you using you for their own anti-monkeysniffer agenda, or pedophiles….

    • Jessicas murder she wrote December 14, 2019 1:18 am 

      See Ryan i told you , Shes lusting after some bigly bad baldy dick & offering up her landfill mushpie to Shawn mcQuaid the internet pervert criminal evading bench warrants .
      you’ve no choice now Ryan! Drop those Big Boob pics she sent you , these death threats are unacceptable

  7. puddycat December 14, 2019 12:33 am 

    omg Ryan is turning into whining whinging Jessica who NOW can’t get enough of attacking Jessica all of a sudden and sucking up to monkeysniffer. What a fucking retard

  8. puddycat December 14, 2019 12:40 am 

    poor Jessica, her learning disability has really really shown itself in the last month or so. The poor kid hangs out with convicted pedo’s,bigtime trolls and general weirdo’s. And her NEED for attention if beyond anything I have seen with anyone else.

    Everyone needs to completely ignore her especially monkeysniffer with his posts…..and I can assure you it WILL drive her absolutely crazy that no-one is giving he ANY attention. Try it monkey and see what happens

  9. Pat Patten December 14, 2019 2:48 pm 

    I just wanted to say that old water head jessica is a dumb cunt. Her dancing around like a moron, is not cute and not funny.

    She is not playing with a full deck.

    • Gnarlybits December 15, 2019 12:52 am 

      Pat you are not playing with a full deck either and?

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