Helton ..The clone speaks ☠

HE’S ALIVE…☠…Or is it a CLONE ???

After several weeks of claims of Helton’s death, finally the vampire, sorcerer, jedi, time traveler, punisher, protector of humanity, speaker of demons and so much more has his say.

Dated Oct 8th 2019, in a 42 minute video, Helton goes off on the trolls and threatens to not only sue everyone responsible but to place them in prison for their misdeeds. It’s the usual delusional verbal poop from the mouth.

Since I work with a tiny budget I was only able to place up an entire 3minutes of video before I fell asleep at the wheel causing me to run over a family of ducks crossing a nearby road. When all the silly stuff is put away and the facts are examined, I do not believe this is the REAL Helton but a clone with a five year expiry date. Very much like a ham sandwich Helton once ate.

I rest my case


  1. ggstits October 11, 2019 11:46 pm 

    the jedi has risen from his grave or bunker.. and soon he will be suing the world and every one in it for saying he passed on to where ever jedi’s go..

  2. westley October 12, 2019 4:59 am 

    you are a crazy old fool grow up loser your what 68 years old and have a mind of a teenager you idiot you are pathetic

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