Faroe has a boyfriend ?

At times I’ve thought of having a weekly segment and calling it.. “The Dumbest Comment” …Of course it would be a comment that would be made from a complete imbecile and be featured for all to view right here on this blog. Problem being is the comment would feature only Shawnio and Shawnio alone due to the fact he fits the criteria of not only being the biggest imbecilic but as always making the DUMBEST comments…And as we all know too much Shawnio gives everyone the liquid shits.

Read the above Shawnio latest DUMB comment, I love the part where he refers to my alleged desire of begging Faroe to sleep with me… lmao. Lets not forget the window lickers comment, funny how you always seem to point out all your flaws as everyone else’s.

So let me clear the air….. Shawnio¬†I¬†have¬†absolutely¬†no¬†desire¬†for¬†Faroe¬†since¬†he¬†and¬†I¬†broke¬†up¬†years ago. I have moved on and now save myself for my soul mate. If you feel inclined to contact me regarding this position feel free to email me. I do find it of interest how you use the Ned post and the words “Begging to sleep with me” After all it was you who did the begging in requesting Ned to sleep with you in your rap song dedicated to your hero.

And with that out the way it may be that Faroe has moved on to another ??

A quote sent in…
“Feel free to add this picture of his actual boyfriend to the rap lol, i can not confirm or deny that they kissed thinking no one was in the chat to see it hahahaha “….Thank for this.

I can’t deny or confirm that this oozing hunk is his lover or that they kissed, but you have to admit they sure are physically close.


  1. gg's tits July 16, 2019 12:10 am 

    shawnio i would say to you get a life but that is completely impossible for you… and i now know its true faroe has had sex in his room as he claims because that guy most be his lover

  2. ShawnioRapedHisSister July 16, 2019 9:53 am 

    I’m sure Shawnio loves himself some of Faroes boyish looks as it reminds him of all the boy raping he’s done. What a sick motherfucker. If I were Shawnio, I would’ve disappeared long ago. Never know when someone with a vigilante streak might show up on your door, you fucking pedo canadian. BTW, what is it with all these pedos from canada? Shawn McQuaid, Foxman Shawn, Adam Browne. List goes on and on.

  3. puddintane July 16, 2019 8:14 pm 

    Monkeysniffer who is this asshole Shawnio you keep speaking of? wink lol

    • monkeysniffer July 16, 2019 8:24 pm 

      he’s my dream man come to sweep me off my foots. He secretly loves me

  4. the3bairs July 17, 2019 12:33 am 

    i would love read stupid comment on a weekly basis .please make this a thing!

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