1. puddintane July 11, 2019 11:50 pm 

    LMFAO Scubby will never understand people cast movies and music but do not have time to sit online 24/4 like Mark and mommy dearest do.

  2. Name July 12, 2019 12:31 am 

    I miss the days when I would dream about Lardo an Hipperz secretly in my bed lmao

    • monkeysniffer July 12, 2019 12:39 am 

      shawnio I thought both of em were too old cuz neither of em are a 10yr old boy

  3. ggstis July 12, 2019 1:50 am 

    this shit has gone far enough !!! scruffy get over you’re fucking self and pull the swastika out of you’re pussy you nazi BITCH..

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