The cabbage patch stalker

A quote that sent along with some screen grabs of our favorite potato head boy.
“The unmitigated gall of that little peckerhead to think he gets a pass on all the UGLY he has brought…Karma isn’t done with that tool”

I’m afraid you’re right, so it was recently discovered that Sean Cleary aka IrelandsPatriot has decided to try his casting hand on TinyChat. And what’s his account name you ask…….


Cabbage Patch stalker

Well think of it every other site has him banned for his nefarious ways, and neither Vaughn nor Ivlog want his sorry drug induced nonsense. And I heard he deleted his Younow account faster than he could wank off to a 70yr old man begging for a new laptop. So away with this pile of crusty toxic filth. Who needs him….Only a muppet would lol

Immortalized on Younow…how…childish……wink wink.

But what I found most interesting was not only did he take the name of a child’s toy cabbage patch” it was the meaning that I found most intruding and fitting.

I do feel this stalker junkie knows his place in the world living in a cabbage patch

My reason for calling him a stalker are simple click and read the LINK below.

And the junkie comments you ask ?

And masturbating for a 70yr old for CASH $$$

Part 2

Nothing made up simple facts as they are.


  1. gg'stits May 26, 2019 1:35 am 

    when i think of sean i think of tainted foul poison sperm that seans dad planted into his wife’s ass that spawned sean from it.. yes sean was born from the ass which explains his very creepy unusual looking face..

  2. Doctor Ostrobogulous May 26, 2019 10:55 am 

    Sean is in fact an extremely distorted physiological specimen.

    From his enormous noggin (which he actually rents out as a parking garage for zeppelins) to his amazingly thin stick arms, there is no part of Sean that meets the dictionary’s criteria for “normal”.
    If it weren’t for his totally overbearing ego that is directly connected to his ever-flapping mouth, I would feel sorry for the spindly little bastard.

    As it is, I look forward to reading about his demise when someone mistakes him for an umbrella and tries to open him.

  3. Tiny Mind & Chat May 28, 2019 10:55 am 

    does Sean Cleary require two Psychiatrists ? to attempt shrink his head ?
    His most recent denials of – wanking off to pervy old men for money , stalking kids ,drunk-drugged up dramas , non stop pedo fixation , now denying & whitewashing his tainted blemished past history with – “hate Blog ” or “ALL made up lies ” also even claiming he was framed as a murderer .
    As usual his denials & projecting all his own factual actions onto this [Hate] Blog or anyone whos called out his skinny ass on the stalking , sexual extortion , public crying & non stop obsession with paedophilia .

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