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You may recall back in Jun 29 2020 a post concerning Helton once again losing legal custody of his children, it’s been reported that this has happened 11 times.

NEW details concerning not only the children’s neglect but his mother’s allegations of $30k being stolen from her.

Plus recent interviews with the Frost family who live near and who are related to Helton and his family.

It was Marcia Frost who was the cleaning lady that brought forth the story several years ago with photographs that detailed the conditions of the neglect of the children, after it was reported that feces was smeared all over the walls of the children’s rooms and floor.

I’d like to not only thank Secularopinion but add credit as well for the interviews.

The entire interview/video is over 3 hours along, not wanting to post all 3 hours I shall be placing the Youtube links down at the bottom. For now I’ve taken certain segments detailing the interview that I felt were most prudent. My reason for doing this is in case the videos are removed there still remains a hard copy on this blog.

During this last video you will hear mention of hardrives sitting at the bottom of lake Alice, this pertains to possible one on one chats and discussions with what many report as being under aged girls for future possible grooming.

After listening to some of the video it makes sense on how Helton has come by the money to make online purchases for toy cars…Another post you may recall ?

Some of the video to give you some sense of the immense size of the purchased car collection. All bought with his mother’s $30,000

Finally both part 1 and 2 of the Frost family interview from Youtube.

No worries Mark I was casting there recently as well. ⊂◉‿◉つ

This piece has caught me eye on several occasions, but I found out recently that Cr3am actually made some comment on the Ivlog Facebook thingy concerning Mark’s casting adventure over to the site only to quickly remove it…

I’ve had several Ivlog casters verifying this to me.

Mae at it again ?

Our lovable yet flaky Mae has once again decided to expose her hoochie coochie. And it’s not the first time. Mae for gawds sake woman try to keep your clothes on…..TRY WOMAN.

Thank you for the screen grabs.

According to Urban Dictionary, a hoochie coochie is. “The genitals of a drunken woman. Derived from the term ‘hooch’, a slang word for alcohol and ‘coochie‘, a slang word for a woman’s genitals. The meaning becomes clear when you know the root-words involved.”Jun 18, 2020

I’m beginning to think Mae is trying to send all of us a message here. I’m seeing so much of Mae and yet we haven’t even been properly introduced.

On Sept 11 2020 we heard the shocking news that the dribbling fish eyed hobbit SAM would be leaving social casting for good.

To never return again……

And he really meant it…he was done and it was over…Finished ..THE END…Now piss off and go away…Take a hike all of you and jump off a cliff. Sam was never coming back and no matter what any one said or did…He was leaving and he damn well meant it this time. So for Christs sake stop saying he’ll be back because he’s done and it’s time for the curtain to fall and end his internet social casting career for ever…..So fuck off I say.

After all Sam has better things to do like wash dishes and pay bills. Not to mention game reviews for Youtube and create gourmet meals fit for royalty….However.

He came back just one more time….. ヽ(^◇^*)/

But this time he really means it……perhaps ?……..Until dinner comes around then who knows ?

He’s like Jessica but with a better hairline and minus the fungus and mold. Is it possible Sam wants people to play with his clitoris ?

It feels like months since Sam left so here’s the link to his last farewell.

It’s Saturday evening and 2much4u has decided yet once again to smash Adumbs the sex offender rapist right in the mouth with both barrels.

Jessica, Adumbs I thought you both had called the police on 2much and he was shaking in his flip flops too afraid to respond ?

He doesn’t look very afraid to me Jessica are you sure it’s this same caster who Adumb called the police on and was he warned by the police ?

And if that wasn’t enough…….



Jessica’s vile racist/homophobic copy cat, cheap 2 cent worthless black and white, can’t hold a candle to the real deal blog is…DELETED….Good riddance I say.

I suppose you wanted to keep the real dirt hidden away underneath the rug but when the pile of dirt became too large and the rug too small, then it was time for a necessary change ..right lmao…Got ya Jessica..I WIN.

May the unholy filth that cascades from your spirit be left forever in the stool that exits from the very orifice of your mouth.


Micktan has decided to cast right along side 2much blasting the sex offender.