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I received the email with a 3 minute and 23 second video. Along were the words “Cory/ Quidcommander abuses daughter on tinychat” ….I have no idea as to who this person is, but I was informed he may be a former caster of Ivlog. Perhaps the most disturbing and emotional charged video I’ve ever witnessed….It’s pretty rough.

The video left me speechless that a father could speak to a child in this manner, but to know the child is his own makes it even more twisted.

As previously stated I have no idea who this person is, but holy hell this is one messed up ignorant son of a bitch, I’d like to smack this jack ass in the mouth if I could. Children services need to be called in.

Thank you to the person who took the time to send this video in.

It’s been an eventful weekend so far, so lets start out on the small topics and work our way to the larger ones.

And of course we have this trivial flea named Freethrow who continues to send and post his weeny pics for everyone to see. His desperation is idiotic.

Since Oct 2018 this desperate flea fart has sent unsolicited weeny pics to folks on Ivlog and now in chatrooms across chatango. Seriously weeny boy get a hobby or go fondle a donkey, no one wants your weeny pics. I recall after I did the initial post back then you sent me pics of yourself, so STOP it.

And moving right along…We have the love/hate battle of Ryan VS Jessica, as the two internet lovers squabble over just about anything.

I think these two need to just get it on.
“ILoveBeer76: jessica you’re a moron who couldn’t go to college, has a receding hairline, doesn’t even know how to sing in KEY or WHAT A MUSICAL KEY IS, doesn’t know about musical timing, can’t pronounce words properly or spell properly, can’t drive, can’t even keep a man” …Love Ryan
Ohh la laaaaaaa XOXOXOXO

Jesus, Ryan can’t make his mind up, if he wants to strangle Jess or make hot sexy time with her….

I say do both…Just make sure you video record it for the me.

Of course what would the weekend be without our glorious sex machine Ben inOhio…As he spends another Saturday on his “drinking cast”….. I recall last week as he ordered a pizza on the phone, only to give out his credit card number by accident. Then upon receiving the pizza he holds up the receipt exposing vital information as to is where abouts…They never learn.

Personally I don’t see how he can E beg while having a drinking cast with others folks hard earned money.

And of course we have Paradice………I simply can’t say enough about this lovely delicate flower except she’s a mish-mash of both Foxman and Warrenbucks with a can of beer in her hand….She’s just stunning.

deixe-me passar o resto dos meus dias cheirando seus peidos <3

Wow….let me say again, wow. In the last 24 hours or so I have received numerous emails, with one thing in common.

That early on in her life our dear sweet spelling Nazi teacher, Yetta was a identified as a male. Now I cannot confirm or deny this only due to the fact I have not heard it from Yetta herself, however more and more of you are sure enough to send me these screen grabs.

Yetta comes out the closet….

As previously stated I cannot confirm or deny any of this except to say, IF any of this be true may the cranky ol spelling Nazi fart live to be happy and one day find true love. So for future reference directed to both Adumb and Moonboots, you literally have someone online with a hardon for you…Enjoy <3.

However very peculiar images were sent along as possible proof of Yetta’s time traveling escapades. Something we have long speculated over. This ol broad gets around.

Yetta in a snap shot with JFK
Yetta in WW1
Yetta the cowboy
Yetta and his wife.
I have some serious issues with this one, but I’ll let it sit.

So there you have fact from fiction, you decide.

But either way I do hope folks online don’t go treating her any different, life’s too short to judge on such things and spew negativity. Thanks to all of you for the emails.

I had no idea Paradice was such a prolific dancer, even when she falls she is as graceful as a gazelle……It’s moving and yet intoxicating….burp.

All credit to Topcat for the video.

The below images are of what took place in another chat today, as our most beloved queen was terribly upset over the fact that someone replicated her name, and had this to say……

This had me fooled due to the fact I actually believe she never wipes her ass.
“More class”……….

Down below is the entire conversation, It wasn’t possible to enlarge.

However there are those who don’t look favorably upon such things, and we all know who he is.

And then of course there are those who simply love the attention.

Thanks to those who sent in the screen grabs.