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So the word through the grapevine was our dear sweet Jessica queen of Ivlog was casting, absorbing the good vibes she was receiving from her cast when Boston Chickie decided to show up on the pro cams and steal her thunder.

Boston decided to mash some potatoes for a family meal, as she continued to do so a number of guests decided to type to Boston hence taking the spotlight away from Jessica.

Jessica goes ballistic over this. Unable to compete she storms off cam and begins to whine in her chatbox by saying she intends to delete her Ivlog account forever ….And that’s when it gets real juicy.

Her knight in shinning armor Ryan decided he had enough and makes a beeline by spewing a number of comments in another chat room, one by one various chat rooms and most of Ivlog laugh at the sudden mongoloid temper tantrum by the Queen.

his words in another chat.

But Ryan isn’t done he then decides to drop more comments about Jessica on a recent Keith post.

I unban Ryan to see what else he may disclose in our chat, he then tries to bargain with me. Possibly in hopes of having posts or images removed. The video of what took place down below.

I’m sure the rest of the week will be dedicated to damage control as the master of minds mend broken fences in chat rooms. Oh yeah and all credit to Ryan for the post. She’s a wack job alright.

And in case you’re wondering I did BAN Ryan again from the chat.

Keith rages

All credit to our friend who recorded the Incredible Keith.

Several nights ago Keith was incredibly upset so much in fact he produced a blue foam bat and began to swing it resulting in hitting himself in the face. Enjoy lmao.

As promised Part 2

Mr Meathead’s side on what took place on Ivlog during the DOX report of one Adam Paul Stuart Browne. I encourage you to listen to the 22min video it reveals plenty as well as other casters names being mentioned.

Last 48 hours…….

I’m sure to some of you it’s become a surprise to realize that there are those out there who refuse to see the truth for what it is, after all you can only lead a horse to water….etc.

But there are those who go beyond disproving the truth no matter the cost, lying deflecting or simply using smoke and mirrors to enforce their selfish agenda. Motivated by hate these individuals will stop at nothing to twist facts as in the case with a recent comment from Ryan Fields.

A poor attempt at bending the truth, but we do know better.
Shawnio claiming Adam Paul Stuart Browne is black, yet he offers no proof.

The so called Anti Hero, PROTECTOR of children and all around nice guy.

Twisted minds that refuse to acknowledge what the rest of us consider a simple answer with so little effort. Just be grateful you’re not one of them. I know I am.

Again thank you to Mr Meathead and the person who recorded this video.

By making the DOX report Adam Paul Stuart Browne has now set things in motion by revealing himself to be that individual in the CBC news link, it can no longer be denied or buried underneath lies. All credit to Adam Paul Stuart Browne for this self exposure.

The only thing I can say is internet suicide….THE END

In a PRICELESS video of Adambro admitting to being the convicted rapist Adam Paul Start Browne in the CBC link news article.

You know I can’t make this up LMAO

During the last few weeks, Mr Meathead had placed the CBC news link in his channel that describes what took place during a sexual assault of a 14 yr old girl involving Adambro. This took place in Nova Scotia several years ago….the image can be seen down below.

This news article being made public on Ivlog has enraged Adam to such an extent he has publicly announced that he has reported Mr Meathead and informed the Moderators of Ivlog that his personal information has been placed up on to his channel, and requested it be removed.

Why cry foul in a DOXING report if he is not the same Adam Paul Stuart Browne in the CBC news link ??????

As of NOW the news link has been removed. Further proof that this indeed was Adam Paul Stuart Browne in the CBC news article.

Listen to his own admission

A special thank you to both Mr Meathead and the person who sent in the video.

TO BE CONTINUED….wait for part 2